Each episode is a space for real, honest, and open conversation and an exploration of our joy blueprint. 

Here, we're all about remembering who we are, why we came, and re-connecting to our light within.

Through conversations focused on authenticity, self-love, discovering our paths and following our passions 

we learn and empower

By taking risks, seeking joy no matter the odds, choosing love and to love ourselves through the ups and downs

we keep it real


Tune in every Tuesday for a new episode 

Solo #JoyBlueprint episodes

Focused #SeekTheJoy Tuesday conversations on love, joy, spirituality, connection, empowerment and wellness

The Power of Storytelling

and more. 



That light you've been searching for -

the one deep within. 

You don't have to go searching for it. 

It's already there. 

It always has been. 

But you've let it dim - we all have - because we didn't know it was ours to ignite. 

Do you feel that light burning?

Do you feel it calling out to you?

You are the light of your soul - you always have been. 

Now, it's up to you to turn that light back on. 

I'm ready. 

Are you?



The journey home to your light. 

To who you are. 

To what you love. 

Starts now. 


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