Sydney Weiss

Host. Creator. Joy Seeker. 

Can anyone really sum up who they are in a bio section? Probably not, but I'm going to try.

I'm a lawyer passionate about people, connection, the environment, and creating real social change for our world. My dream is to team with inspiring leaders, activists, and experts to co-create new paradigms, ideas, and fresh starts for a better world.  

I'm on a quest to seek joy in my life, and I figured, why not podcast about it?

I'm a natural born talker (and debater, honestly)and I used to be embarrassed by my own voice (true story - growing up I would have my sister make phone calls for me).

So the fact that I now have a podcast is MIND BLOWING. 

I'm so glad you're here, it means the world.

Join me ✨

P.S. I want to learn more about you! Join the conversation on Instagram @seekthejoypod_ and let's connect! 

 A couple fun facts about me . . . 

  • On any given day you'll find me listening to show tunes or my favorite pandora station, French Cafe. I have this dream of living and working in Paris one day, and every time I put on my headphones I'm instantly transported to that French cafe I see myself working from in 10 years . . . 
  • I am obsessed with period pieces and British history. I love BBC documentaries, Downton Abbey, The Crown, Jane Austen . . . all favorites of mine. 
  • My favorite book is The Rose For The Crown by Anne Easter Smith. It's seriously so good and all about King Richard III. Actually everything she's written is so good, check her out!
  • I'm obsessed with all things Harry Potter. Some of my best memories as a kid were waiting in line at midnight for the books to come out and staying up all night reading them. 
  • I love the ocean, the beach, and watching sunsets. Seriously, my sunset pictures have given me quite the reputation . . . 
  • I listen to about 4-5 podcasts every day. Yes, I love this medium that much! 
  • While I don't have a background in podcasts or media, I've fallen in love with sharing stories and connecting with this courageous, brave, and vulnerable community we're building together.

I'm looking forward to sharing more about me and learning more about you! ✨

  Taken by me at the Santa Monica Pier last year. 

Taken by me at the Santa Monica Pier last year.