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 We’re bringing a little more joy into your life, one e-book at a time.


Seek The Joy Guide for Infusing More Joy into Your Life

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a joy seeking adventure, and over the last year I’ve had the incredible opportunity to meet and speak with so many amazing and inspiring people, who are all following their passions, choosing love, creating greater balance in their lives, and seeking their joy - and having a lot of fun while doing it.

My biggest takeaway?

We’re all on this journey together, and there is so much value (and joy!) in sharing the tips and tricks that have worked for us.

I’m so excited to share this guide and see how it makes a difference in your joy seeking journey!

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What’s included:

  • 3-step guide for infusing more joy into your life plus tips + tricks to keep that joy in your life permanently.

  • Workbook space included to brainstorm the various prompts in the guide.

  • Based on the conversations you've heard on Seek The Joy Podcast.

  • The purchased file includes one PDF file to make your own.



Seek The Joy Guide to Podcasting

A year and a half ago I had this crazy (I mean seriously crazy) dream to start a podcast. The biggest question I had was, “how do I turn this idea in my head into a podcast that people will listen to and love?!” 

Through trial and error, I figured it out. I developed my concept, bought my equipment, launched my website, and started recording. 

The rest is history and now, it’s your turn! 

Your audience is waiting for you, and I want to help you get your message off the ground and into the ears of the people that need to hear it the most.  

What’s included?

Section 1: Develop and Brainstorm Your Show

  • Hone in on your episode topic and niche, format, length, frequency, and style (among others!) 

  • Questions and prompts, with workbook space, to explore and develop your vision.

Section 2: Let’s Get Creative

  • Detailed tech and logistical support.

  • Tips to help you choose your podcast hosting platform, equipment, intro music and style, developing transitions, creating cover art, how to submit your RSS feed, and more! 

Section 3: Ready to Launch! 

  • How to contact and interview guests, develop your show notes, and put promotional materials together. 

  • Tips + tricks to launch, grow and share your show.

. . . and so much more!

The purchased file includes one PDF file.



Seek The Joy Guide to Pitching

You've worked so hard on your podcast, and getting your dream guests on the show to have an amazing conversation with you is the next step!

With our guide, learn how to pitch your dream guests and bring inspiring conversations to your audience.

  • Learn how to pitch your dream guests.

  • Includes templates for pitching and scheduling guests.

  • Our top tips + tricks for a successful (and fun!) interview.

  • The purchased file includes one PDF file to make your own.

*Please note: The information contained in this guide is included in our Seek The Joy Guide to Podcasting, and if you’ve purchased that guide you don’t need this guide!