true authentic connection is the new #relationshipgoals

Hear me out. 

We can't get to a space of connection with others until we authentically share who we are. 

That's Where this podcast comes in 

Through sharing our stories we step into our power.

Once we allow ourselves to shine in our authenticity there's no stopping us. 

it's time to build Our Self-love muscles and step into our joy

At the end of the day it's about courage, vulnerability, emotion, connection, and a deeper understanding of self. 

The way to get there is through sharing your story and your truth the way you choose to share it. 


Join Us

1. Check out what kind of stories we're looking for below.

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We're dedicating one episode every month to sharing your stories in your words


Stories about seeking joy - the highs, lows, and what joy feels like for you. 

Stories about staying true to yourself and staying grounded.

Stories about connecting to who you are, your mission, your love, your joy, and your light. 

Stories about empowering yourself and others through sharing your truth. 

Stories about showing up for you. 

Stories about self-acceptance, in all forms - even when it's difficult. 

Stories about kindness, truth, honesty, love, loss, authenticity, balance, goals, dreams . . . 

The list goes on. 


Are you in? Let’s get started! 

Each episode in The Power of Storytelling series will air the third week of every month. 

Before you submit your story please fill out the interest form below.

Think of it as your space to brainstorm your story and our chance to get to know you a little better! 

Once you fill out our interest form we'll be in touch. 

If your story is chosen to be part of the series we have two questions that we'll ask you to answer. Those questions will be shared with you a little later. 


How Exactly is This Going to Work?

If you're interested in submitting your story for our new storytelling series - YAY! I'm so happy you're here, and even more excited that you want to be part of this. To submit your story, fill out our interest form above. Once you do, we'll be in touch!

What is the format of the episode?

The format for this series isn't your typical Q+A conversation style episode that you'll find with our #SeekTheJoy Tuesday episodes. Instead, for this series we're sharing your stories, in your words - uninterrupted. You'll share and tell your story directly in the episode. Keep reading this FAQ for more information.  

what format should my story be in?

Your stories can be in any format of your choosing. Some ideas are a poem, song, letter, short story, blog post . . the choice is yours! 

how long should my story be?

While I'm hesitant to put a time limit on you and your story, please keep your story between 10 and 15 minutes.

If you are submitting your story to be read by Sydney during the episode, a good rule of thumb is to keep it to 3 typed pages maximum. Also, please time yourself reading your story out loud to make sure it's within the 10-15 minute time frame.  

Can My Story stay anonymous?

Yes, absolutely! If you'd like your story to stay anonymous just let us know in the interest form above. 

Will I read my story on the podcast Or will it be your voice?

It all depends on you! If you'd like for your story to be shared with your voice - amazing! In that case, after you submit the interest form above and we get in touch, you'll send over an audio/voice memo with a recording of your story. If you have headphones with a built-in mic, we suggest using them while you're recording your story. It helps a lot with sound. 

If you don't want your voice on the podcast, that's okay too! In that case, you'll send me your story and I'll read it during the episode. 

do i need to submit anything in addition to my story?

Once you fill out the interest form above and we get in touch, I have two questions that I'll ask you to answer in addition to your story. I'll share those questions with you once we get in touch. 

will i be included in the promo for the episode?

If you want to be - heck yes! I'd love to tag you in my Instagram and Facebook promotions on the day of the episode. Just let me know if this is something you're comfortable with. 

when will the episode air?

The episodes for this series will air the third Tuesday of every month. 

will every story be included?

A few stories will be chosen for each episode. Unfortunately, as much as we'd love to publish every story, we just can't. Please don't take it personally if your story is not chosen. Your stories have so much value and we appreciate every single submission. Check out the disclaimer below for more details on this. 

How do you determine which stories are chosen? 

We're looking for stories of truth, vulnerability, bravery, and joy. But, we want to make sure that the stories we air align with the core, message, and theme of Seek The Joy Podcast. Head over to our about page to read more on what we're all about - or listen to some episodes! 

can i promote my product, course, or blog with my story?

While we recognize that products, courses, and blogs develop as we step into our authentic selves, this series is not meant to be a platform to promote your business but rather a space to share your story, step into your vulnerability, and build a greater sense of community. The focus of your segment should be on the story rather than on what you offer or sell. We are happy to include more information and share about your product, blog, podcast, social media accounts, or course in the show notes for the episode, but we will not include any major promotion in the actual audio for the episode.

For example, you can discuss how your journey led you to write your book, start your blog, your podcast, social media accounts, or create your course, but the focus of your story shouldn't be on how many products you offer, how much you charge for your offerings, or where we can purchase your product or visit your blog. We don't want anything to distract from the stories that are being shared. Thank you for your understanding! 

Is there a hashtag associated with this series?

Yes! Share your posts on Instagram and Facebook using #SeekTheJoyStory 

i have a question that's not answered by this faq

Awesome! In that case, send us an e-mail at

Stay honest, stay brave, stay true to who you are. 

This is how we'll continue to build this community and we're so excited. 

Share your story. 

You never know how your bravery and joy will help you heal yourself, and in turn help heal others. 


Make sure to check out and read the disclaimer below. 

*Disclaimer - It is within the sole discretion of Seek The Joy Podcast to determine which stories are compatible with the core, message, and theme of the podcast. It is within the sole discretion of Seek The Joy Podcast to choose not to share an individual’s story if it is not compatible. 

Seek The Joy Podcast cannot possibly publish every story, so please do not take it personally if your story is not chosen. Your stories have so much value, we appreciate every single submission, and your willingness to be vulnerable inspires us to do the same.

If your story is published, it may take several episodes before it appears in the series.

It is within the sole discretion of Seek The Joy Podcast to edit any story that is submitted for length and content.

The views and opinions expressed in the storytelling episodes are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Seek The Joy Podcast. 

 Please reach out if you need additional information. 


Start Writing and send us your story

We can't wait.