Ep. 4 Finding Yourself Again On and Off the Bike with Melissa Anderson

It's Tuesday, which means a NEW episode of the podcast is out! 

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday - and Happy Halloween! 

On this weekโ€™s episode of The Seek The Joy Podcast is Melissa Anderson. Melissa and I met while in law school, and she found joy, grounding, community - and honestly her way back to herself - through Soul Cycle. 

We talk about her journey with Soul Cycle, the importance of a strong supportive community, navigating the world as an adult (or as I like to call it, adulting), and knowing your boundaries. 

It's so easy to lose sight of who you are in the midst of so many changes, especially when life is throwing one too many curveballs your way. I think Melissa's story is one so many of us can relate to.

The journey back to YOU is the most important one you'll ever embark on.

I loved today's conversation. 

My biggest takeaway from this episode - the big themes that keep coming up in each episode Iโ€™ve recorded.

Boundaries, self-care, kindness, and taking care of yourself. All of these themes keep coming up time and again . . .

For me, when something keeps coming up naturally and organically with everyone that I've been talking to and connecting with, it give me pause. Let me explain. I don't think enough of us are taking that time to take care of ourselves, set boundaries, and start to feel more comfortable in our own skin. I truly believe that once we start to take better care of ourselves, we can feel more comfortable in our own skin. 

When big themes are brought up in different conversations, with different people, from different walks of life, over and over again - to me it means it's important, and something that we all should think more about, talk more about, and pay more attention to. 

There's definitely something more there for all of us to explore . . . and something I hope to talk a little bit more about in future episodes. 

Melissa's journey and experiences navigating some of lifeโ€™s biggest transitions is so relatable. 

Todayโ€™s episode is a good one โœจ๐Ÿ’›

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Sydney Weiss