Ep. 14 Empowerment, Self-love, and Connection with Tedi and Sonya Serge of Sand Sisters Los Angeles

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On the podcast today is Tedi and Sonya Serge, the founders of Sand Sisters Los Angeles. 

Sand Sisters Los Angeles

Sand Sisters Los Angeles

Today's episode is so SO good. It's real, honest, and vulnerable. I'm excited to share it with all of you. 

Sand Sisters Los Angeles is a youth empowerment 501(c)3 in Los Angeles designed to encourage children to live active and healthy lives. Through their summer beach camp and after school enrichment program, their goal is to help children become leaders, build high self esteem, make health conscious decisions and be positive and active members of the Los Angeles community.

Sonya and Tedi Serge, Sand Sisters Los Angeles, photo credit Lauren Robuck @laurenrobuck

Sonya and Tedi Serge, Sand Sisters Los Angeles, photo credit Lauren Robuck @laurenrobuck

Through fun, health conscious planned activities we foster each child’s development into being totally rad human beings. We encourage each child to grow, learn, laugh, exercise, bond, mature, and celebrate the individual they are.
— Tedi and Sonya Serge, sandsistersla.com

Everything that Tedi and Sonya do - from their summer beach camps to after school enrichment programs - is about empowerment, passion, and joy

I love how through their programs they've not only empowered countless kids, but they've also empowered themselves. 

We chat all about how Sand Sisters got its start, the journey they've been on, empowerment, creating authentic connections and community, building up their self-love muscles, self-confidence, what joy looks and feels like for them, their experiences as mentors, and much more. 

Through their work, Tedi and Sony have created authentic connections that empower and make every child feel seen, heard and valued. When it comes right down to it - that's what we all want. We all want to feel seen, heard, valued and acknowledged.

I know that so many of us can relate to not feeling this way, and once we are truly seen and heard - it's such a game changer. 

Photo provided by Sandsistersla.com

Photo provided by Sandsistersla.com

It was inspiring to hear Tedi and Sonya speak so openly and honestly about their own experiences, and how these experiences led them to making this such an important part of their programs. 

A major theme of the podcast is the journey to building up our self-love muscles. I love that Tedi and Sonya have created a community that's making a positive difference in young girls lives and setting them up for greater self-esteem and self-love, giving them the space to believe in themselves, creating deeper connections, and sharing their authenticity. 

I love the connection and the community that they've built. 

I was so touched by the conversation that I had with Tedi and Sonya, and there is something really special about them and their bond. They truly care about the kids and the families that they work with, and there's real magic here

That magic, and that connection, is really what sets them apart. Everything that they do comes from the heart, and the deepest parts of who they are. 

Sonya and Tedi Serge, Sand Sisters Los Angeles, photo credit Lauren Robuck @laurenrobuck

Sonya and Tedi Serge, Sand Sisters Los Angeles, photo credit Lauren Robuck @laurenrobuck

In today's episode they talk about Sand Sisters fairy dust . . . and there is SO much Sand Sisters fairy dust in this episode. 

With Sand Sisters, Tedi and Sonya are following their passions, doing what bring them joy, and having an incredibly positive impact on these kid's lives. In turn, they're really having a strong impact on their own too. 

To learn more about Tedi and Sonya and Sand Sisters LA, visit their website www.sandsistersla.com 

You can find Tedi and Sonya on Instagram @sandsistersla and Facebook @SandSistersLA

If you're like me and feel inspired by Tedi and Sonya, the connections they're building, and the impact they're having - I encourage you to reach out and connect with them. They're always looking for new volunteers and donors. 

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