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Arielle Ortiz is the founder of I am simply Life Space Coaching & Organizing. Arielle has been on a journey toward increased self-love, self-awareness, and authentic self-expression. She values freedom, honesty, stability, growth and love. Her experiences, combined with a deep desire to help others, led her to pursuing a BA in Psychology from Howard University. Four years later, she went on to earn two Masters degrees from Teachers College and Columbia University in Psychological Counseling.

Arielle is passionate about helping others unpack who they are, and through her work she co-creates transformational experiences that allow them to align with their authentic selves and show up in their lives more fully and true to who they are. Arielle is a dedicated authenticity coach, and she’s created a safe space for her clients to explore their authenticity, and step into their true selves. She works one-on-one or in a group setting to help you identify self-limiting belief systems, discover or reconnect with your core values, and practice targeted techniques to increase self-awareness and manifest your authentic life.

Arielle has always been inspired by listening to and validating others’ lived experiences and understanding the linkages between people’s thought patterns, their personalities, passions and behaviors. Coaching has opened up so many doors for Arielle, both for her own transformation and for the transformation of others. For Arielle, committing to an authentic and positive life is a commitment to exploring the conditions and barriers within your physical space, in addition to your mental, emotional and spiritual space too. Her personal commitment is to provide a holistic approach to authentic living, and I can’t wait for you guys to check out her work, learn more, and follow along!

I'd love it if you'd introduce yourself, what you do, and what you're working on.

Who am I? I am Arielle Ortiz, founder of i am simply Life Space Coaching & Organizing. I am a life coach & professional organizer and my “i am simply” lifestyle brand is a promotion of complete authenticity – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically -- through the routine practice of authentic living in an organized and inspiring life space. I work from an ontological perspective to co-create transformative experiences with my clients that allow them to identify their core goals & values, discover what they truly align with, and reveal who they truly are and how they choose to show up in this life. I’m always in the process of becoming, and currently working on self-trust and forgiveness in areas of my personal life with my own coach with the intention to develop a group workshop on the same topic for others to experience their own liberations.

How did you get started?

My love for personal development and growth started very young, as I was one of those kids who were never satisfied with an answer being presented as the final and absolute truth. Prior to starting my path as an Accomplishment Coaching trained life coach, I graduated from Howard University with a degree in Psychology (which I loved!) and then earned two Masters degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University in Psychological Counseling and became a Professional School Counselor (which I also loved!). As I developed my counseling skills as a School Counselor/Transitional Coordinator at a non-public day school for students in Special Education in New York, and then as a College & Career Development Specialist in Maryland, I gained a greater awareness of how much my colleagues (and myself ) craved to be heard, seen, and appreciated just as much as the students we served. I was inspired to be for my colleagues what I was for my students and decided to explore the opportunity coaching would provide to work with dynamic, ever-changing adults who are constantly in a state of creation, but feeling disconnected from the authenticity of themselves and others. After working with a life coach of my own, I started my brand and business, enrolled in one of the top accredited life coaching training programs, and declared that I will powerfully stand for others’ authenticity through coaching & organizing while they manifest their ability to stand for themselves.

What inspired the work that you're doing?

I was inspired by the overwhelming desire to live with purpose – a purpose that was completely derived from my essence, rather than the “shoulds” or the “have tos” that were expected of me. After experiencing a bunch of personal life transitions, such as surviving domestic abuse, becoming a mother, getting married and living in a new state, with no consistent self-care routine in place and overwhelming episodes of depression & anxiety, I was struggling to get through each day. What I felt, what I wanted to feel and what I was actually experiencing did not align for me. So much of my energy was spent on trying to build an “acceptable” identity, and control the experience of my life rather than choosing to experience what is and intentionally embracing the possibilities that come from authentic relating. Needless to say, four years post graduate school I burned out entirely and was ready to give up on everything.

I chose not to give up. Instead, I found enough self-compassion to reach out for help. Rather than continue to “suffer through” I chose to be intentional with myself and hired a life coach of my own. By finally choosing to truly commit to me and my journey, I learned how valuable my existence is and became re-inspired to be a person at cause (no longer a victim), dedicated to sharing this gift of transformative authenticity coaching with others for as long as I am called to do so. I truly believe it is everyone’s birthright to live with purpose, and I am inspired to be a part of that process.

What is your biggest passion? Do you feel like you're living your passion and purpose?

My biggest passion is self-development and personal growth. I love love love embracing expansive experiences and challenging myself to learn more by pushing past my comfort zone and leaning into my fear. Everyday, I give myself more permission to live my passions unapologetically – The first step was choosing to live at all. Now I empower that choice by choosing to fill my space and time with activities that strengthen my energy and spirit, such as dance, play, travel and art.

What is your joy blueprint? What lights you up, brings you joy, and makes you feel the most alive?

So many different things! My joy blueprint is embedded within my intentions and I seek joy by honoring what I feel in the moment. I get an immense amount of joy from working with people to co-create transformative experiences in their lives and actively seek opportunities to relate authentically with people where ever I go. This can be quite exhausting for an introvert like myself, so to recharge I also honor space to enjoy time alone -- trying new recipes from YouTube chefs, pole dancing, and making art with my daughter are some of my favorites!

How do you live intentionally? Are there tools/resources/practices that you rely on to help you stay mindful and grounded?

I start every morning with gratitude, free writing or speaking whatever crosses my heart as a point of gratitude for me in the moment. After spending a few minutes on intentional gratitude, I write out my energy and task oriented intentions for the day – How do I want to feel? What do I choose to experience? More of what? Less of what? My intentions are less about the task or “to-do” action and more focused on the purpose driving my goals and the overall experience of participating in life that day. This practice of gratitude and setting energy intentions is one I carry with me throughout the day and use whenever I need a reminder. I also use intentional breathing and meditation to ground myself in the moment – taking a few deep, heavy breaths through the nose and out the mouth and/or alternate nostril breathing exercises have been useful to combat my anxieties and re-center my energy. In general, I listen to my body and do my best to honor what it is asking for – if my head feels heavy or congested, I pause and check-in to be aware of what is pressuring me – Do I need water, food, or rest?; I am irritated or stressed by a situation in front of me? If my stomach starts to feel achy – Am I hungry? What did I consume in the last few hours? Am I nervous? etc.  

What would your younger self think about what you're doing now?

My younger self would first be confused because I never expected to feel so aligned and purposeful in adulthood. I expected to be tired, stressed and unhappy (and has I shared earlier in the interview, I got exactly what I expected!) But after processing the entirety of my story and reframing the context from which it is being told, my younger self would be so amazed, proud and honored that we are living the purpose we always intended to by experiencing life from a frame of possibility and wonder while working to co-create meaningful and purposeful life experiences with others. My younger self wanted to make a difference in the world and help people to achieve their goals. My present self made this dream possible by practicing that purpose inward first.

Do you have a go-to mantra or affirmation?

Every morning I say the following to myself in the mirror:

“I am proud of you. I forgive you. I love you. You are worthy.”  

Other affirmations that give me life include:

“It is your birthright to live your purpose.”

“Your story is yours. Your story is valuable. Your story deserves to be shared.”

What is your biggest dream?

To keep living and experience all that I am meant to.

To learn more about Arielle you can connect with her on Instagram @arielle4serenity and Facebook @iamsimplyarielle on her website and via email



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