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Jamie Lackey


Jamie Lackey is the founder and CEO of Helping Mamas - an Atlanta based nonprofit that collects and distributes essential baby items to organizations that serve women and children in need. Their mission is to connect helping mamas to mamas needing help. To date, they’ve served over 35,000 children, distributed over 850,000 essential baby items, and have volunteered over 6,600 hours.

Jamie is a mother of two and a social worker by trade, and she saw a devastating gap in children’s needs being met. Diapers are considered luxury items in times of need under an antiquated law. She would arrive to homes where people were using plastic grocery bags as diapers, or reusing old diapers by washing them in the sink. Because Jamie knew motherhood could be overwhelming even in the best of circumstances, she created Helping Mamas in her basement as a way to fill that need. Helping Mamas has now serviced over 35,000 children with over a million essential needs items.

Helping Mamas provides baby supplies, furniture and equipment to non-profits serving low income women and children. When mamas and babies have their basic needs met, they are able to benefit from the services provided by traditional non-profits: shelter from domestic violence, parenting education, job training and coaching, financial coaching, support services for medically fragile children and their families, etc.

Their "Helping Mamas" volunteer and pay it forward every day. They organize baby supplies and deliver to their partner organizations. They host baby showers, diaper drives and help us raise in-kind and monetary donations to help mamas take care of their children's needs.

What Jamie has created is truly inspiring and her impact is out of this world. I’m so excited for you guys to connect with Jamie, check out the impact she’s having with Helping Mamas,, and follow along!

I'd love it if you'd introduce yourself, what you do, and what you're working on.

I’m Jamie Lackey founder and CEO of Helping Mamas an Atlanta based nonprofit that collects and distributes essential baby items to organizations that serve women and children in need. I am currently working on way too many things! But currently focusing on building an ambassador program of amazing women willing to get involved in our mission.

How did you get started?

My degrees are in social work with a focus on nonprofit management and program development. I have worked a variety of populations throughout my career including mental health, refugees and immigrants and adult literacy.

What inspired the work that you're doing?

I think there are few things that inspired the work I am doing. One is that I am the mother of two incredible children. Being a mother is the best and hardest job I have ever had. It made me think about all the women and children I had worked with in my career over the years. If I found motherhood difficult with so much help and financial security, how much more difficult is it for people without that same access. I saw professionally that there was a big gap in services. There was no coordinated effort to collect and distribute essential baby items. So the inspiration for Helping Mamas began!

What is your biggest passion? Do you feel like you're living your passion and purpose?

My biggest passion is finding problems that aren’t being addressed and finding a way to address them. I do feel like I am living my passion and purpose. Nothing is more inspiring than watching my community come together to provide tangible support to the families we serve.

What is your joy blueprint? What lights you up, brings you joy, and makes you feel the most alive?

Watching my kids experience new adventures is my biggest joy. As a family we like to take adventures for vacation. Exposing my kids to new experiences brings me so much joy. Watching them grow and experiencing adventure with them is makes me feel most alive.

How do you live intentionally? Are there tools/resources/practices that you rely on to help you stay mindful and grounded?

I have a strong faith in God. I live intentionally through trying to listen and respond to what the needs are of the people around me. How can I be present in the lives of my family, friends and community and make an impact? To stay grounded I remind myself that what I am going through right now is just one piece of the puzzle, one moment in time. There are lots of pieces and moments that make up my story and I can’t get over focused or overwhelmed with just one piece of it.

What would your younger self think about what you're doing now?

My younger self would not believe I took the risk to do what I am doing now. I always thought I’d do the “traditional” path. Go to college, get a job, work hard and retire. I am not a risk taker at all. I had no idea 20 years ago I’d have the confidence to quit a job and take a risk to start a nonprofit. I always said I’d never start my own nonprofit. Never say never!

Do you have a go-to mantra or affirmation?

I am from Knoxville, TN originally. I looked up to Pat Summitt former coach of The University of Tennessee Lady Vols. She was one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time. Her saying which I repeat to myself regularly is “left foot, right foot breathe, repeat” It reminds me to take it one step at a time, then take the next step.

What is your biggest dream?

That is a very big question. My biggest dream is to have a world where our children don’t grow up in poverty. Where poverty is a distant memory. Until that day, my biggest dream to is to keep the faith, keep being strong and building Helping Mamas and raising my 2 beautiful kiddos to live with purpose and intention.

To learn more about Jamie and Helping Mamas you can connect with them on their website https://helpingmamas.org/ and on Instagram @helpingmamas Facebook @helpingmamas

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