Welcome to the Seek The Joy Podcast

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Seek The Joy podcast, where we dive deep into what brings us joy - even during life's most challenging moments. 

This podcast is something that I have been thinking about starting for a while now - but honestly, I can be a chicken. It's this feeling inside you that stops you that says "you can't do this, please don't do this don't embarrass yourself don't put it out there" - can anyone else relate? It has taken me a while to pull the trigger on this project but I'm doing it! I'm so excited. 

I'm sure you're wondering - what is this podcast all about? Well, it's all about the different ways we can seek joy in our lives. It's a space to share personal stories of joy, struggle, and triumph. It's about following your passions, choosing love through the ups and downs, staying true to yourself, and finding success in life's joyful moments - both big and small. 

A disclaimer though - I am not a professional joy seeker. In fact, too often I find myself not living in a state of joy. "Joy" has always seemed like something that maybe isn't all that attainable. I want to break the barrier to entry, I want know what everyone else is doing.

With everything that's going on in the world right now, it's difficult to feel joy all the time. That anxiety we all feel, sadness, worry, fear, whatever it might be that creeps back in from time to time - leaves so many of us feeling as if joy, optimism, and feeling carefree is elusive and something that is saved for a select few.

But I'm here to say - I believe that joy is possible for all of us. I'm on a mission to find it, and so I thought, why not podcast about it!?

So, the seek the joy podcast was born. ✨💛

My hope, my dream for this podcast, and what I hope it will evolve into is a discussion and a conversation about joy in our lives, what that looks like and what that means for different people, and how we all can find time every day to do something that will bring joy into our lives.

You can listen to the teaser episode here

Our first episode drops October 10th, so make sure to hit *subscribe* and join us as we seek the JOY - every Tuesday! 

For more information, find us on Instagram: @seekthejoypod_
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Or e-mail us: seekthejoypodcast@gmail.com

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