Ep. 22 Get Out of Your Head and into Your Heart with Monica Kade

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! 


On the podcast today is Monica Kade. Monica is a writer, podcast host, and communication specialist - and our first guest from Sydney, Australia! (Yes, I was so excited out about this - I mean come on, my name is Sydney!)

Monica is a writer on self awareness and through her work she supports people to express themselves, be better communicators, and put a voice to their dream. She works with clients to connect to their message, bring their ideas to fruition, get clear, and take action. 

On today's episode we chat all about Monica's journey finding of self-discovery, finding her voice and stepping into the work she's doing now, the importance of self-expression and getting clear on your message, the concept of purpose, Monica's spiritual practice, what joy feels like for her, how to get out of our heads and into our hearts, and much more.   

Monica is highly sought after for her work with entrepreneurs, which helps them find clarity, fine-tune and express their personal business message. She has a remarkable and rare ability to connect her clients to the space within them, so that they realize the solution to their question.

Monica really believes that self-expression is the foundation for creating a life we love, and her aim is to encourage each person to communicate with purpose, clarity and power. She supports those who don’t believe in their message, lack self-belief and confidence to find who they are and what they represent. 

Monica has 12 + years in communications and publishing, and writing, communicating, and interviewing are absolutely her passions. She started her own online magazine, Mink, at 20 - way before the online blogging revolution began. Today, she's the host of The Monica Kade Podcast. Over the years she's interviewed many well known creative minds, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and disruptors. Some of these guests include Lewis Howes, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Danielle La Porte, just to name a few! 

Monica recently launched a monthly podcast, Fiercely Courageous Conversations with Dr. Rebecca Rey - and you'll hear her talk a little bit about that on today's episode. 

Today's conversation was so wonderful and I had the best time connecting with Monica. Her journey, both personally and professionally, is so inspiring and she has so many words of wisdom. This is going to be an episode you're going to want to take notes on. 

If you’re stuck, a little-lost or need an injection of inspiration in your work, you can connect with Monica via her website monicakade.com or on Instagram @monicakade and Facebook @themonicakade

On Monica's website you can learn more about her offerings, which include masterclasses, 1:1 consulting and copywriting, and more information on her blog and podcast. 

The two thought leaders that Monica referenced during today's episode:

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