The Power of Storytelling - Episode 10

Welcome back to The Power of Storytelling! 

Martel, Ami, Laena and Amy - thank you for sharing your stories, your words, and your journey with all of us. 

This month’s episode reminded me that while our paths might not be linear, we always end up where we’re supposed to, with the people that we’re supposed to be with, making the impact that we want to have.

So, I want to share a little bit about the stories that are featured in this month's episode, and I encourage you to check out Martel, Ami, Laena, and Amy after you listen to this week's episode. 


Image provided by Martel Catalano

Image provided by Martel Catalano

Martel Catalano is a yoga teacher, public speaker and the founder of Beyond My Battle, a nonprofit harnessing positivity, mindfulness, and self-care to manage the stress of living with disease and disability.

When Martel was 13 years-old she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa, and it’s safe to say it’s had a huge impact on her life. Over the years Martel has slowly been losing her vision, and as a way to cope she disassociated from her disease. She distracted herself from the unfixable problem of blindness by creating problems that she could fix. Three years ago she realized she needed to address her illness. She saw what it was doing to her life, to her relationships, and to her body and she knew it was time for a change.

Martel’s words on reconnecting to the truth of who she is, and who she wanted to be, through yoga and mindfulness will remind you of the importance of pushing past our limiting beliefs and narratives. Her reflections on her journey, the gifts that her disease has given her, and her desire to make an impact through sharing her journey and her story will remind you that we are so much more than the battles we face. Martel is a light and her passion and desire to help others overcome their limiting beliefs around chronic illness is inspiring and needed. Sharing her story has changed her life. It’s given her the opportunity to educate and empower others to focus on what we can do, rather than what we can’t, and manage the constant anxiety that comes with living with something that we can’t simply fix.

I have a sincere sense of self now that I’ve removed the veil of denial and focus on the living in the present moment, even if it means knowing every day that I’m slowly going blind.
— Martel Catalano

Photo provided by The Integrated Hustle

Photo provided by The Integrated Hustle

Ami Watkin and Laena McCarthy are the founders of The Integrated Hustle. Ami is a recovering corporate attorney and a career and business coach, and Laena is an entrepreneur and business coach. Together they’re The Integrated Hustle.

They created The Integrated Hustle to help women follow their passion and gain financial freedom. They're all about giving you the tools and support you need to get started. They lead workshops and offer individualized ideation and coaching sessions to help you articulate your business plan, create a plan of action, and bring it to life.

There is real power in defining your own path, and that is exactly what Ami and Laena are doing. In this month’s episode, Ami and Laena share their journeys and how they got to where they are today. Ami’s reflections on getting lost in Corporate America and finding herself again through the gift of time, and discovering what she really loved will encourage you to make space in your life too. Ami has found her way back to herself by learning to be brave, and her words on the power of connection, mentorship, and supporting others along their journeys will inspire you to do the same.

We all have the ability and power to create a life that we love, we simply have to be brave enough to demand it. I have learned how to be brave and I want to empower other women to do the same.
— Ami Watkin

Laena’s journey starting Anarchy in a Jar, and her desire to help others bring their dreams to fruition, will inspire you to take action on your own dreams. Her passion to create connection and community around shared passions will remind you of the power of coming together to build businesses that allow us all to live our best lives. Through helping others explore their path and take action on their goals, Laena has been able to clarify her own journey too. She’s learned how to listen, ask uncomfortable questions, and be brave, all while helping other women do the same.

We’re providing a solution to a real vital problem, helping women find balance and financial freedom through career changes and simultaneously helping ourselves find meaning and empowerment and connection in our own lives.
— Laena Mccarthy

Amy Ogden-96.jpg

Amy Ogden is the Senior Vice President of Brand at J Public Relations, and the voice behind Sips of Sunshine blog and podcast. In both her blog and podcast, she shares her love of beauty and wellness, adventures in travel, positivity, and a little life advice sprinkled in.

In 2014 Amy was 37 years-old and living in San Diego, CA. She was living a charmed life by all accounts - a large townhome downtown, a great group of friends, a job she loved in luxury travel PR, a golden doodle named Lola, and a BMW in the garage. Life was good. But she kept feeling a calling in her soul that she needed to make a change - a big change.

Amy knew that choosing what her soul was calling for would require her to leave the life she had created for herself. She took a leap of faith and over a course of a few months she gave away or sold everything she owned. She packed her life into seven boxes and moved to New York.

Amy’s words about giving up everything that she had to figure out who she really was, will give you the courage to let go of what’s been holding you back. Her reflections on reconnecting to her creativity will encourage you to tap back into yours too. Between her blog, podcast, and upcoming novel, she’s found this expressive, vulnerable, and creative woman that was always within her, but who just didn’t know when or where to emerge. Amy’s story of how New York City has brought her to life, will inspire you to make the moves in your life that will allow you to blossom into who you know you are meant to be. Plus she’s living in a pretty cool neighborhood (and I cannot wait for you guys to hear where!) Amy says it so beautifully in this week’s episode, there really is something magical about giving up everything that you have to figure out who you really are.

Listen to that voice that tells you to call someone, the voice that tells you to send that e-mail, to make that move, to try that thing. It’s not just your brain bouncing around ideas. That voice in your head is a powerful force, it’s the force that sees beyond what you can see right now and it knows what risks it’s asking you to take. There’s magic there, and you can’t see it because you’re in the moment, but that voice isn’t. It’s bigger than you and it’s more seeing than you, and so when you hear that voice - listen to it.
— Amy Ogden



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