Ep. 6 Building Connection & Community with Rebeca Enriquez

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On today's episode is Rebeca Enriquez. Rebeca and I met at USC, and we spent our Junior year as each other's #1 and #2. She was President of Alpha Chi Omega while I was VP of Chapter Relations and Standards - and together we put out fires, built new programs, maintained our sanity (sort of), and supported each other through all of the ups and downs. I would not have made it through that year without her and her friendship.

I'm so happy and excited to share her story on today's episode. Aside from being a great friend and someone who I cherish, Rebeca is the Development Coordinator at Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent's cancer. They are the largest national organization dedicated to this unique population - supporting children with innovative, fun-filled programs that foster a lasting community. 

This is what I think is so amazing about Kesem - it's a community that will support you forever. Even more than that, the campers can be who they are, and who they want to be. 

Over 5 million children have been impacted by a parent's cancer - and in 2017 Kesem served over 7,000 children. Camp Kesem serves children who have lost a parent to cancer, have a parent undergoing cancer treatment, or whose parent is a cancer survivor. Kesem serves children age 6 to 16, and camp is typically one week and are free of charge. 


Camp Kesem changed Rebeca's life. After losing her mother to cancer in her junior year of college, she fell in love with the mission of Camp Kesem. In fact, she helped start the chapter at USC in 2013 where she served as a Volunteer Coordinator.

Rebeca candidly and honestly shares her story and journey on today's episode. Through her work with Camp Kesem and the community that she has built for herself, she found her passion, stayed true to herself, and has learned so much about herself. 

All of Camp Kesem's support services for children impacted by a parent's cancer - including their fantastic summer camps and other year-round programs - are provided at no cost. 

You can find more information on Camp Kesem at www.kesem.org

Instagram: @campkesem

Facebook: facebook.com/CampKesem

If you have any questions, you can contact Rebeca at Rebeca@Kesem.org 

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Sydney Weiss