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What's your storyline?

This is a question that I've thought about, mulled over, stressed about, and worked to make my own for most of my life. 

The conversations I've had over the last several weeks have deeply inspired and motivated me to get quiet, dig deep, and remind myself of the tough questions and my truth

Self-care, kindness, and setting good boundaries - three themes that have come up time and again on this podcast - and it's time we open up the dialogue more and get real. 

The truth is in order to really talk about self-care and kindness, we have to address the way we talk to ourselves. Our self-talk. Well really, our negative self-talk and the storylines we weave for ourselves. 

Self-care. Kindness. Fear. Resistance. Breaking old patterns. Trust. Love. Connection. Belonging. Worthiness. Perception. Joy. Writing my own story.

I talk about all of this on today's podcast. 

So often, the stories that we tell ourselves aren't even true. Part of the battle is figuring out how to interrupt that storyline. But even more than that - it's about figuring out what do you want your storyline to look like, feel like, and be?

Part of moving past the negative self-talk is practice and trust. 

This is the journey to taking our power back, and the process in shifting our storyline and our self-talk doesn't happen overnight but it starts with trust.

Trusting in ourselves. Trusting that you won't break and that you won't shatter, and if you do break and you do shatter, you have the tools within you to rebuild. 

But as we start to ask ourselves these questions, as we start to address the negative self-talk, and face the story we've been telling ourselves, and begin to trust - we come up against old patterns of behavior. We come up against habitual ways of thinking that really don't serve us.

Resistance is really powerful. It can convince us that we are not worthy, that we are not enough, not capable, that we won't get that promotion, we won't have that relationship, etc. It convinces us of all the things that we believe we "lack" in the moment - but it's about flipping that resistance and using it in your favor

Be stubborn in the pursuit of who you want to be.

Don't allow resistance to stop you from achieving your goals. 

Don't allow resistance to stop you from having the life you want to live. 

Don't allow resistance to stop you from feeling in your core who you want to be.

Give today's episode a listen - sharing this part of me on this episode and on this podcast makes me a little nervous, but I know there is power in connection, sharing, authenticity, and our truth. 

Do you know someone who would connect to this episode or this podcast? Share it with them! This community is growing and I'm so grateful. 

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