Ep. 15 Diving Deep into Vulnerability with Charlotte Haimes of Women Making Waves

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On today's episode is Charlotte Haimes - the founder of Women Making Waves

Women Making Waves is a global community of women who aspire to show up as their true selves, and who define success on their own terms. On her platform you can share your story, read up on their blog, and learn more about their events. 

All photos provided by Charlotte Haimes, wmwclub.com

All photos provided by Charlotte Haimes, wmwclub.com

All photos provided by Charlotte Haimes, wmwclub.com

All photos provided by Charlotte Haimes, wmwclub.com

I really admire Charlotte and the message she's spreading, and I was so happy and excited to have her on the podcast.

It was wonderful to connect with someone who is also on a journey towards greater vulnerability and courage. 

From the emphasis on storytelling, to the thought leaders that have had such a strong impact on her life and her mission, (Brene Brown!) we have a lot in common - and you'll hear it on today's episode. 

Her mission and her work remind me so much of what I'm doing with Seek The Joy Podcast, and the personal journey that I'm on. 

On today's episode we dive deep into vulnerability, what that really means, and how by pushing past the discomfort and being okay with the uncertainty, you can get to the real magic. 

After turning inward and coming to terms with her own struggles and truth, Charlotte left her corporate job. Soon after, she started Women Making Waves. The experience has been one of personal growth - and starting imperfectly, as Charlotte puts it, was a test of her willingness to be vulnerable and true to herself.

For Charlotte, vulnerability wasn't something that came naturally for her. Whenever you step outside of your comfort zone, the journey is at times uncomfortable. For Charlotte, it's been about learning to accept the discomfort and move through it.

As she was working on Women Making Waves, she kept coming back to this idea that we need to show up as ourselves. To do that, she determined we have to share our stories of truth. 

Through these shared stories, Charlotte created a community built on empathy. She's drawn from her own experiences of emotional pain, struggling with self-acceptance, and the desire to make waves in her own life. 

Charlotte brings an international perspective that is both empathetic and insightful - and she's growing her global community every day. 

So, what exactly can you find on Women Making Waves? 

1. Real Talk - a safe space for women to share their true stories (struggle, failure, fear, shame, etc.) to build empathy and empower other women to own their stories of truth. 

2. Blog - food for thought to get you to think differently. 

3. Brain Food - a space where they review and share inspiring reads, podcasts & talks. They also put together music playlists to get your day going. 

4. Events - Women Making Waves organizes events, conferences, live stream discussions, small discussion groups, retreats and more! 

All photos provided by Charlotte Haimes, wmwclub.com

All photos provided by Charlotte Haimes, wmwclub.com

In fact . . . they have a series of events coming up - "HERstory" upcoming workshops in Paris in collaboration with theatre-maker and solo performer, Elizabeth Wautlet. Click here to learn more. 

Charlotte has held events in Paris and New York, and this year - London, Barcelona, and other cities in Europe and the United States . . . are on the books for 2018. Keep tabs on Women Making Waves to see where Charlotte is heading next!

There's this quote on her website that says . . . 

"I want to lift the heavy weight of social pressures to get to the core of who we are." - Charlotte Haimes

. . . How cool is that?! This quote sums up today's episode, who Charlotte is at her core, and the impact she's having with Women Making Waves. 

Charlotte's story is honest and relatable. I know you're going to enjoy today's episode, and I'm so grateful that she came on the podcast. 

Check out Women Making Waves, and join Charlotte in making waves in your life, on your terms.

To learn more about Charlotte and Women Making Waves, visit their website wmwclub.com 

You can reach Charlotte directly at Charlotte@wmwclub.com

You can find Women Making Waves on Instagram @wmwclub and Facebook @wmwclub  

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