Five Things I've Learned About Myself Since Starting My Podcast

In today's bonus episode, I reflect on and talk about five things I've learned about myself since starting Seek The Joy Podcast. The past three months have been a lot of fun, and I've learned SO much about myself.

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Alright, here we go. 

1. I really (really) enjoy being creative. 

Starting this podcast has given me the opportunity to express a side of me that I think has been allowed to remain dormant for far too long. Most of my life has been very structured and academic. This isn't to say that I haven't been creative throughout my life, because I have been, but it's a part of me I haven't allowed to come forward as much as I should. I think it's safe to say I'm really enjoying this artistic creative expression of self much more than the technical expression of self that I've let reign supreme and held on to for so long. 

2. My judgments about me - are wrong.

Having a podcast has really forced me to look at the self-judgments I've made about myself, get up close and personal with them, and realize and acknowledge just how wrong they are. It's one thing for me to realize that these judgments are wrong, and another to no longer act on these self-judgments. I'm not perfect, and oftentimes I fall back into old patterns (as do we all!) but it's been an important step for me to realize and acknowledge and know that these self-judgments are wrong, so so very wrong.  

3. I love to connect with others. 

Since starting this podcast I have reached out to and connected with so many wonderful, creative, passionate, and kind people. The opportunity to connect with others has been so wonderful. If I were to take this one step further, I would say collaborating with others has been something I've also realized I really enjoy. 

4. There is a greater purpose to the struggle and the triumphs. 

I've learned that for me, there is a greater purpose to both the struggles and the triumphs. In fact, the purpose and the lessons and the opportunity for growth are far bigger than I think I ever realized. I've also learned it's important to authentically share both the struggles and the triumphs - even when it's difficult to do so. 

5. Through empowering myself, I can be of service to others. 

I would say over the last three months or so I have empowered myself and my voice through starting Seek The Joy Podcast. I've also realized, that by empowering myself, I can be of service to others. I say this all the time on my podcast, only after we empower ourselves can we empower others. I now really understand what that means. 

While I was recording this episode, it occurred to me that there are actually six things that I've learned. 

6. The questions I'm asking my guests are the questions I'm searching for the answers to. 

It's interesting how we really put out there what it is what we need ourselves. While recording I realized that the questions I'm asking my guests are the questions I've been asking myself. What am I passionate about? What brings me joy? What's my biggest dream? The opportunity to have these conversations has allowed me to also have these conversations with myself. 

So, that's it! For now, of course. I imagine this list might change in another 3 months - and when it does, I'll be sure to update you. 

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