Ep. 11 Breaking Down Our Facades with Kiara Harris of The Facade Project

Hey guys! Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday and welcome back to Seek The Joy podcast! 

On today’s episode is Kiara Harris - the host and creator of The Facade Project.

The Facade Project is a podcast aiming to break down the real struggles of living in LA. Kiara says, from Cali living, to the reality of getting your foot in the door, it's time to break down the facade that everything is alright in your life and get to the truth about working and living in Los Angeles. 

I am such a huge fan of Kiara's and I'm so glad we connected on Instagram back in October. I love the premise behind her podcast and the platform she’s creating. If you think about it, we all put on a facade. We all act at one point or another that everything is ok. But sometimes, it's not ... and it's ok to admit when it's not! Even more than that, it's important for our own growth to be real and honest. 

Kiara is all about unmasking and revealing the truth of who we really are . . . and so am I. 

We chat all about where the idea for The Facade Project came from, her journey creating the podcast, the impact she wants to have with the platform and community she's creating, her facade, joy in her life, speaking your dreams into existence, and more!

On today's episode we also talk about speaking your dreams into existence and how Kiara did just that to get herself out to Los Angeles after college. 

If you're wondering what speaking your dreams into existence is all about, you're in the right place.

By the way . . . I'm not a law of attraction expert, these are tools I'm just learning about myself and beginning to put into practice in my own life. I love learning and hearing about other people's experiences with manifestation and the law of attraction. So, if this is something that is of interest to you and something you'd like to hear and learn more about - let me know! 

Ok, back to speaking your dreams into existence. 

When you're speaking things into existence, you're declaring to yourself and the universe that this is what you want. It's a way to focus things into being. 

But the key is the way you speak and write about these dreams. You've got to do it with optimism, enthusiasm, and a knowing that it will happen! Trust is huge here. 

If you focus on what you want, speak about it, and write about it with optimism, hopefulness, enthusiasm, a knowing, and a trust that it's going to happen - the universe will listen.  

As time goes by, what you want to happen WILL happen. It may not necessarily happen in the timeline that you've imagined for yourself, but in time - what you've spoken about, written about, and dreamed about finds its way into your life. 

What's so cool and interesting about this concept is the domino effect it seems to have in our lives. Once you start believing in what it is you're saying, thinking, and dreaming - you start to believe in yourself too. 

I am SO excited to share Kiara's story and her experience writing and speaking her dreams into existence. 

To learn more about Kiara and The Facade Project you can head to her website breakthefacades.com 

Instagram @breakthefacades

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She has some exciting things coming in 2018 too - like t-shirts with 10% of the proceeds going towards LA Crisis Text Line - a non-profit focusing on mental health and emotional wellness in the LA community and beyond. 

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Sydney Weiss