Ep. 10 Spreading Messages of Self-Love, Expression and Sisterhood with Brittany Priore of The Write Dose

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On the podcast today is Brittany Priore. Brittany is the founder and the editor of The Write Dose. I was so excited to connect with Brittany and to have her on the podcast to share her story and what inspired her to create The Write Dose. 

The Write Dose is a community of intelligent, brave, and strong young women sharing their stories through their expression of art.

What I love so much about The Write Dose is that they’re giving a voice to all women through sharing diverse perspectives and insight. Too often, these diverse perspectives are not given a space to have their voices heard, and Brittany is changing that.

She’s shifting the dialogue, opening up the conversation, and spreading the message of community and sisterhood.

I resonate so much with the mission of The Write Dose. Their mission is to empower, inspire, and unite women through the content they create and the stories they tell. Brittany's hope is to shift the dialogue with young women towards a more meaningful and uplifting message of spreading self-love and expression.

I say this all the time on this podcast – there is real power in storytelling, real power in authentically showing up as who we really are, and real power in authentically sharing ourselves.

Brittany is authentic, honest, and shares so much of herself on today's episode. She has amazing insights, great advice, and her life experiences are so relatable.

I've really enjoyed getting to know Brittany through this conversation.

Brittany says it so eloquently on today’s episode – through expressing ourselves and relating to other women, we love ourselves and accept ourselves entirely. That's what it’s all about – opening ourselves up and stepping into that vulnerability, and by extension, stepping into our power and lifting each other up.

So what do we discuss on today's episode? We chat all about her journey creating The Write Dose, the power of community and sisterhood, the importance of expression and having our voices be heard, refocusing on what's important, the role of self-love in her life, what brings her joy, and more. 

One of my favorite moments from today's episode was when we talked about showing kindness to ourselves. What I love about Brittany is that she walks her talk. She's empowering others and empowering herself through her writing and the community she's created. 

I think to create a community and a vision that is centered around empowerment, sisterhood, and having our voices be heard - you have to start by empowering yourself. To empower yourself, you have to treat yourself the way that you would want someone else to treat you. It really has to start with you - and Brittany's doing just that. 

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