Ep. 9 Creating the Media We Wish to See in the World with Sam Sedlack

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday and welcome back to Seek The Joy Podcast! 

On today's episode is Sam Sedlack, the creator and host of Super Normal Podcast. Super Normal is a podcast about humans sharing their stories in hopes of showing who we really are. In a world where social media corners the market on communication, Super Normal allows for connection on a deeper level through new insights and understanding. 

I just, love that. 

That's in part why I reached out to Sam back in October, I was really inspired and excited by the content that she's putting out there, and I just love to connect with people who get it and who want to have a positive impact and who are having a positive impact. 

I am super excited to collaborate with Sam in this way, and it has been so great to connect with someone who is also just starting out with a podcast.

I'm on her podcast this week too and you can listen to the episode on iTunes here and on her website here ✨☺️⭐️

On today's episode we talk about Super Normal Podcast and what inspired her to start it. We chat about growing with every episode she records and every guest she connects with, the impact she wants to have with her podcast, media literacy, joy in her life, how she stays balanced, and empathy.

The topic of media literacy is something that we all should know more about and be aware of - and I was so glad that it came up during today's podcast.

Media literacy can be summed up with this great example Sam gives on the podcast. 

So often we come across content that's just a video posted with text but it doesn't provide a source, or the video itself is without context. So often, we take what we see at face value and we don't do our own research. We're passive with our own media consumption, and we're not making sure that the information we're consuming is accurate.

With her podcast, Sam hopes to pull people's attention away from consuming media that doesn't promote media literacy. Instead, what she's putting out there is straight from the source. She's starting the conversation, and taking out the middlemen. 

This was such a fun episode to record. I hope you enjoy today's episode and the episode that Sam released yesterday featuring yours truly!

To find out more about Sam and Super Normal Podcast check out her website supernormalpodcast.com and her Instagram @supernormalpod

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