Ep. 78 Spreading Kindness, Self-Love, Authenticity and Inclusivity One Little Word at a Time with Adriana Carrig of Little Words Project

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On the podcast this week is Adriana Carrig, the Founder and CEO of Little Words Project.

Little Words Project encourages women to both be kind to themselves and to others. They’re a community of Nice Girls that believes in some simple truths: Supporting women is always the way to go, collaboration always wins over competition, and kindness builds confidence and fosters self-love.

The business is Adriana’s heart and soul, and her passion and dedication to creating a culture of kindness among women is inspiring. She’s changing the world one little word at a time, and I was so excited to sit down and have this conversation with her for Seek The Joy.

In this week’s new episode Adriana and I chat about:

  • Her journey starting Little Words Project, the dream and vision that started in her parent’s basement, and how it’s become the movement that it is today.

  • The power of sisterhood, encouraging kindness, self-love, authenticity and empowerment, creating a space for women to connect and collaborate, and the gift of paying it forward.

  • Adriana's self-love and self-compassion journey, the role vulnerability and honesty has played in her business, and opening up about her fertility journey.

  • The three words Adriana is wearing around her wrist, the power of manifestation and trust, Adriana’s biggest dream, and so much more!

I loved everything about this week’s conversation, and cannot wait to hear what you think! Make sure to join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

I love the moment of giving the bracelet away. It’s such a great way to feel good and build that self-esteem, which then builds that confidence, which then builds that belief in yourself and enables you to try anything.
— Adriana Carrig

Little Words Project’s handcrafted bracelets are each made with a different inspirational word, to encourage women to be both kind to themselves and to others. They’re truly a pay it forward movement - and I loved learning about how it all works!

Each bracelet features a tag inscribed with a registration code. This code is used to register your bracelet which enters you into the Nice Girl Gang - a community of women dedicated to building each other up. Wear your Little Word® for as long you need it to remind you of just how freakin’ great you are. Eventually, you’ll find someone who needs that reminder a little more - and you’ll pass it on, so they too can benefit from its message. Not only will it bring her the same good vibes it brought you, but it will also give her access to the Nice Girl community when she registers the same tag number on the Little Words Project® app or website. 

Adriana and Little Words Projects knows we can do something positive to Girl World, and it all starts with you.

Sisterhood and community are super important. Life can be tough as a girl sometimes, and it’s helpful to know that there are other people in your corner helping you through it all.
— Adriana Carrig

It’s our shared experiences that bring us together, and when we’re open and honest about what we’re experiencing, we can grow together and build community.

Adriana and Little Words places such a beautiful emphasis on kindness, self-love and empowerment. The values on which she’s built her business is inspired by the experiences she had with bullying growing up, and ultimately the change she wanted to see and bring about in women/girls culture. She knew she wanted to create something that would change the way women and girls interact with one another, and in this week’s new episode she shares the story of creating the bracelets while she was in college. She would create bracelets and share them with the girls in her sorority. The girls loved the idea of wearing bracelets with inspirational words and sharing kindness. The sisterhood and community she experienced reminded her that we can affirm and lift each other up, and that there is real power in words, kindness, and empathy.


From there, the idea took off. Adriana always wanted to do something that would positively affect the people around her, that would change the conversation from competition and jealousy to kindness and acceptance. Adriana started her business when she was 23 years-old in her parent’s basement, with the mission of spreading positivity in the female world. Adriana originally planned to go to law school, but inspiration struck - and she knew she had to see this business through. What started as an exercise in positivity and self-love, has become a movement.

In moments of doubt, the community she’s built keeps her going. From her very first month in business Adriana saw and felt the need for these bracelets, because women needed the reminder, inspiration, and connection. Knowing that what she’s doing is changing the way women treat one another, one Little Word at a time, is the driving force behind all that she does, and all that she’s created.

As much as I want things to happen when I want them to happen, I’m so appreciative, grateful, and able to recognize the beauty that everything happens when it should. This is all happening for a very specific reason and as long as I bring purpose to it, I can keep going through it.
— Adriana Carrig

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy - it’s filled with highs and lows, ups and downs, and moments that ask you to evaluate, reevaluate, and embrace your authenticity. You’ll hear it in this week’s episode - Adriana has embraced every aspect of this journey, and she continues to learn and grow right alongside her business. Every experience, both positive and negative, has been an incredible opportunity to learn something new, push herself outside of her comfort zone, and grow as a person and woman too.

The path to self-love isn’t always an easy one, and in this week’s new episode Adriana opens up about the role self-love, self-compassion, and authenticity has played in her journey. She opens up about her fertility journey, what it’s been like learning to take better care of herself, and how she’s opening up in ways she’s never done before.

Her bracelets are meant to help you get through difficult times, to inspire kindness, self-love, collaboration, authenticity and inclusivity. In this week’s new episode Adriana opens up about the moments that the bracelets have helped her get through, the words she’s wearing around her wrist right now, and the community of inspired, empowered, and kind women she’s inspiring through her business.


When Adriana got started, she never expected to be where she is today - spreading inspiration, encouragement, and positivity by simply doing what she loves. There have been moments that have stopped her in her tracks, that have inspired her, and also moments that have forced her to hit pause. We talk about it all in this week’s new episode - and I know you’re going to leave this conversation feeling inspired and empowered, and ready to order your Little Words bracelet too!

The two words that I’m wearing around my wrist right now are “Fearless” and “Believe” - they serve as a reminder that I can push past my fears, that I can be fearless and walk into the chapters of my life that are calling my name, and that I can believe - despite my doubts - that what is here for me, is ready for me.

I had the best time connecting with Adriana, and I’m so grateful for everything that she shared! I can’t wait to hear what you thought about this one, and what words you’re wearing around your wrist!



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