Ep. 39 Ch-Ch-Changes and Your Questions Answered!

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday!

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If you couldn't tell from the title of this week's episode, there are some changes afoot for Seek The Joy Podcast (does anyone really say "afoot"? Well, if not I'm bringing it back). 

Anyways . . . 

During this week's episode I share the changes that are coming your way, and I answer your questions! Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in via Instagram and Facebook with some pretty phenomenal questions if I do say so myself. I want to do this again - SO, if you ever want to submit a question, feel free to do so and I'll keep it in my back pocket for the next time I do an episode like this one!

The questions I answer in this episode include:

  • What are you reading right now?
  • What is your favorite musical?
  • Do you have a morning routine?
  • How do you avoid burnout?
  • How have you developed your interview style?
  • What motivated you to start Seek The Joy and how did you arrive at the theme?
  • How did you got started and what's the most rewarding thing I've gotten out of this?

Check out this week's episode to hear my questions to these questions :) 

Okay, so let's get to the changes. 

As we grow and evolve, so must the things around us, and over the last three months I've grown tremendously. Seek The Joy Podcast is changing because I'm changing, and it was really time that I allow Seek The Joy Podcast to grow and change alongside me. 


I wanted to take a little time to let you know where Seek The Joy Podcast is going, so here we go. 

The first and most obvious change is the website. I am SO FREAKIN HAPPY with this new website I can't even begin to tell you. It's cleaner, sleeker, and a much better representation of me and this podcast. I hope you'll take a little bit of time to explore the new website :) and make sure to check out our brand new About page (well, check out every page honestly!)

The second and most obvious change is the logo/cover art for the podcast (seen above). The colors are still the same (oh and by the way - the background image is a picture I took a couple years ago at my favorite place the Santa Monica Pier, just . . . enhanced) but the words are different. A minor change, I know, but I wanted the logo/cover art to reflect the internal changes that are about to take place with the podcast. 

Now on to the not so obvious but soon to be obvious changes . . . 

The format of the podcast is about to undergo some big changes. (HOLLA!!)

There is nothing I love more than connecting with new, amazing, and inspiring people. The opportunity to interview so many incredible women has truly changed my life for the better. With that being said, releasing four interviews every month is a lot of work. It's something that I've never opened up about before, and I'm not so sure I've ever heard a podcaster talk about this. BUT it's a lot of work, and while I enjoy it - it's been a struggle. 

I'm not sure if you know this but I am a one-woman show (and honestly pretty proud of it). From coordinating guests, preparing for the interviews, recording and editing, to putting together the social media content and graphics - I'm a team of one, and I've been struggling a bit. SO it was time for a change. 

Enter my brand new idea for restructuring the podcast. These changes will allow me to bring you the best of me and the best of Seek The Joy, and I could not be more excited. 

  • We'll still have our typical #SeekTheJoy Tuesday interview style episodes 1-2x a month (depending on the month), but we're going to mix it up a bit.
  • Expect solo episodes, and if you've listened to my "bonus" episodes over the past couple of months, it'll be something similar to that. I'm really excited for these solo episodes because I have so much to share and chat with you all about, and a lot of that can't really be shared in an interview with another person.
  • The Power of Storytelling will now air the third Tuesday of every month (instead of the third Thursday). This series is so powerful and it deserves to stand on its own. This change is long (long) overdue, and I'm just beyond excited to continue to share these stories with you. 
  • There's a new type of episode coming your way, soul chats. These conversation style episodes will feature some pretty incredible and amazing people in my life who have so much wisdom and magic to share. Think of it as a chat with one of your closest friends over your favorite smoothie or latte. We're going to cover every topic imaginable, and it's going to be a lot of fun. 

Another change coming your way is the content and topics that'll be shared and discussed on the podcast. We're still going to talk about joy, self-love, self-care, entrepreneurship, and creativity, but we're adding to it. I'm excited to dive deeper into wellness, our authentic voice, our joy blueprint (more on that to come soon!), and spirituality. 

I am an incredibly spiritual person, and I have a little bit of anxiety even typing this right now. Gah! Why is it so scary to come out of the "spiritual closet?!" It's time I own it though, and share my authentic voice in this way - so here we go. I have been on a journey of self-realization since 2014, and it's only been within the last 6 months that I have truly allowed myself to step a little bit more fully into my truth and my knowing. 

As I've embarked more fully on my spiritual journey, I've started to allow myself to begin to know and connect with who I really am, to tap into my soul, and really listen to it. By going within, by reconnecting once again to who I really am, I realized that the podcast needed to expand and shift too. 

We are all searching for our joy within, we are all striving to reconnect to our joy and light within, and I'm excited to explore this on the podcast. 

I know this seems vague (and truthfully the way I'm explaining it is pretty vague), but I plan to share more in episodes to come. 

Like all things in life, this podcast (and me) is a work in progress. Never complete, ever evolving, but forever connected to our broader mission and purpose. 

There is so much more to share, and so much more to come. I'm so excited for it all. I'm allowing my true self to emerge, and I'm following me an no one else because I'm finally letting myself. With a bit of caution and anxiety, but I'm doing it anyway. 

I hope you'll take a listen to this week's new episode and then stay tuned because on Thursday I am releasing a BRAND NEW TRAILER! 

Alright that's it. This post ended up being MUCH longer than I anticipated (story of my life!) Love you all. Seek The Joy Podcast is just getting started, and I can't wait for this new chapter. 



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