Ep. 70 Go Love Yourself: Lighting Up Your Life Through Self-Love with Heather Reinhardt


Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday!

On the podcast this week is Heather Reinhardt, author, speaker and self-love aficionado.

Heather loves herself, and she wants you to love yourself, too! Her life mission is to make sure as many people as possible have the proper tools to cultivate self-love.

In this week’s episode we chat all about Heather’s self-love journey, why self-love has been so important to her, and what it means to love yourself. Taking ownershit (yes you read that right!), and moving past the resistance to step into the work we’re meant to be doing. Spirituality and cultivating a mind, body, spirit connection, Heather’s key ingredients for a successful relationship, and creating sacred experiences to foster greater self-love. Plus we chat about Heather’s new book “Go Love Yourself” and her writing process, her new Affirmation Candle line, what’s next for Heather, and so much more!

It was so much fun to have this conversation with Heather, and can’t wait to hear what you think! Make sure to join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Everything starts with self-worth and self-love, and when you live in a place where you have such a knowing of your identity and you live in that authenticity, it’s just a more beautiful space and if everybody lived in that space we would have such a different world.
— Heather Reinhardt

What does it mean to love oneself? This is a question Heather has repeated often over the last few years. While self-love is going to look different for everyone, Heather believes that what all people who love themselves have in common is that they made the choice to do so. 

I want to teach people self-love, self-worth, self-respect, and a dose of spirituality. I really do believe to fully function at our highest capacity as humans, we have to have mind, body, and spirit connected together.
— Heather Reinhardt

Heather defines self-love as making a series of personal strong choices that ask you to take full responsibility for our thoughts, choices, words, actions, moods, and previous ways of dealing with situations. Heather really believes that someone who loves themselves takes full ownership of all of their choices (aka ownershit!)

For Heather, self-love is a righteous knowing of oneself, one’s identity. To get down to one’s true identity, often times we have to shed off layers that don’t serve us—we have to change, and grow into a better version of ourselves. Self-love isn’t just another form of self-development, it goes far deeper than that; it’s soul development.

Why is self-love important? Because self-love supports you during your struggles.

As Heather shared in this week’s new episode, when you love yourself, you don’t judge yourself. When you stop judging yourself, you stop judging others. If we stopped judging ourselves and others, self-love becomes the cure for so much of what we’re all experiencing.

Heather’s mission is really to make sure as many people as possible have the proper tools to cultivate self-love. Her first tool that she’s sharing with the world? Her debut book, “Go Love Yourself.”


In “Go Love Yourself” Heather shares her personal (vulnerable yet humorous) stories with the steps that helped her pave the path to her very own self-everything (respect, worth, and love). Throughout her journey she’s had massive leaps forward, and massive steps backwards. She’s read every self-help book and actively applied the lessons to her life, and with that, is sharing with you the things that worked the best. Go Love Yourself is truly a collection of her stories and advice shared with the intention of knocking some time off your journey so that you can get there faster and better equipped, sparing you some of the stumbles that she had along the way. These steps are the blueprint to an epic life. Go Love Yourself is the ultimate guide to #liveyourbestlife.


When Heather first started her self-love journey she created a daily ritual of speaking positive affirmations out loud. But, she eventually realized that she needed a way to make these affirmations more tangible, to get them out of her head and into reality. She thought that if she added a physical action to the affirmation, it would increase the energy behind her intention and help manifest her desires more quickly into her life. So she began to light candles as she said her affirmations aloud.

She found this new routine of combining an intention with a simple action exceptionally powerful. She was seeing her intentions coming to fruition. Her favorite affirmations begin with I am, I can, and I will. These phrases reinforce self-worth and build self-confidence. As part of the Amour De Soi™ brand, Heather created Affirmation Candles so that you, too, can light up your intentions and manifest the life of your dreams. Affirmation Candles are hand poured at Light 4 Life Cause, where they provide jobs for adults with disabilities. Your purchase not only empowers you, it empowers others.

I was taught that if you light a candle and say a prayer at the same time - and it doesn’t have to be religious, it can be your own sacred experience - that helps light up your intention.
— Heather Reinhardt


Thank you Heather for such a fun, self-love filled conversation - I’m so excited for you guys to tune into this one!

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