Reflections from My Journal: Relax into Your Trust, Growth, and Worthiness

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Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday!

I’m back this week with a solo episode chatting all about growth and evolution - and really stepping into it - and worthiness, and recognizing that we are enough.

I have been so present and aware in the growth, change, and evolution that’s been taking place over the last 6-7 months, both within myself and around me. It’s a little trippy when you tap into this awareness within - and over the weekend I couldn’t stop thinking about awareness, and the ever present need to relax into my trust, growth and worthiness.

We all carry this element of awareness within ourselves, and when we tap into - it’s exactly the thing that brings about greater healing. So this week - trust more deeply, and speak more fully the truths that are asking to be spoken.

I’m really excited to share these reflections with you guys and can’t wait to hear what you think! Make sure to join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Take up space in your growth, evolution, knowing and understanding that you are here for a reason. As you grow and evolve, and begin to balance more of who you are, and allow yourself to let go of what’s not meant for you and accelerate into what is meant for you, you begin to feel more at home in your growth.
— Sydney Weiss

Often when we are so aware of our growth, the changes, and our own evolution - it is down right scary. I’ve had so many moments in the last 6 or 7 months where I’ve just felt terrified of my own growth and evolution. I can see it, and I’m excited about it, and I’m trusting it - but my awareness often terrifies me because I often feel like I can’t handle it. Often when we are in the middle of these changes, when life is moving so quickly, when the evolution is happening and you’re shedding layers of who you used to be, of who you thought you were, and fully embracing and allowing the new to step forward and allowing yourself to shed the old in order to embrace the shiny, new, that is you - it’s terrifying.

We often don’t really know, or recognize, what we’re actually capable of.

Here’s the thing - don’t be afraid to accelerate. Don’t be afraid to accelerate into what’s next for you.

Often in the midst of growth and evolution we hold ourselves back, because the familiar is the comfortable. The familiar, and the comfortable, is the known. The new, the change, the evolution, growth, and your future is the unknown.

Growth and evolution often means letting go of people, places, and things that no longer align. It’s so important to allow what is not meant to be in your life, sphere, energy field to fall away. The harder we try and hold on to them, the tighter our grip, we choose stagnation over growth. We choose remaining in place, which is often familiar, instead of allowing ourselves to accelerate.

As you begin to let go, and release your grip - you allow yourself to accelerate.

To accelerate into what’s next, and to trust it, means that you release the need to worry about what comes next. Because here’s the thing - what comes next is coming whether you intensely focus on it or choose to release your intensity. So release your intensity! And relax into your trust.
— Sydney Weiss

To accelerate into what’s next, what is here for you and what is meant for you, requires you to trust. It requires to trust that you can handle it, that you trust what is coming for you, and that above all else - no matter what you do, whether it’s a step to the left, right, back or forward - it is in fact a step that is meant for you on this journey.

Every roadblock is an opportunity to allow ourselves to redefine and realign on the path of our choosing that is in true alignment with who we are.

I really do believe that destiny is real, I do believe that there are things that are here for us, and meant for us - but here’s the thing! You have to have the courage to align with those things and step into a space of receptivity.

It’s so interesting, because to step into this space of receptivity means you’re stepping into and aligning with the feminine. But, to do that, means you have to be firm in the masculine too.

Growth and evolution requires a balance of the feminine and the masculine - and in many ways I’m just realizing this now as I type this.

This moment, this growth and evolution, is asking one thing of you - to stand firm in who you are and what you believe in, and to speak and honor your truth. But to also be compassionate towards the self and others, to allow and hold space for ourselves and others. To exercise forgiveness, compassion, and to recognize that the feminine and masculine can exist at the same time.

The more that we come together to share who we are, and to share our voice, when we do this - we speak more fully, confidently, and wholeheartedly from our heart, from our knowing.

By being fully present in your body, in this moment, and allowing yourself to fully embody and to be embodied, it’s a recognition that you are enough.
— Sydney Weiss

If there’s one thing I’m learning it’s this: trust your growth, trust your evolution, trust this return to your truth, because a return to our truth is a return to greater compassion, empathy, and understanding. I so believe this - by uplifting ourselves, and others, we uplift the world - and this world needs this uplifting. The more that we walk more fully and deeply into this, and every voice that begins to embody its authentic truth, vibration, is an expression that allows for greater deepening of our individual journeys, and as a consciousness.

There’s truly so much more where all of this came from - and I can’t wait for you guys to tune in. We are all enough, just as we are. We all have a story that is worth sharing and a voice that is meant to be shared. How beautiful is that?

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