Ep. 74 Intuitive Healing, Grounding in Your Energy, and Stepping into Your Power and Growth with Kathryn Schiff

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On the podcast this week is Kathryn Schiff - Intuitive Healer, Psychic, and Intuitive Healing Teacher.

I am so excited about this conversation - the third in my series of featuring healers in my life who have been so instrumental on my journey. I first learned about Kathryn and her work after listening to her on the Den Talks Podcast. It was the first time I had ever listened to that podcast (but now I’m totally hooked!) and 45 minutes into tuning in I knew, without a doubt, that I needed to book a session with Kathryn. I’m not usually one to act that quickly when it comes to booking a session - I like to feel it out (sometimes over a period of months!) - but with Kathryn, I just knew. I had a session with her later that week, and it was magic and transformative.

Through our work together she’s helped me align more deeply with my path, she’s taught me how to energetically ground myself and remove people, places, and things from my space, and above all else - she’s helped me remember just how beautiful and profound this journey is.

Fast forward a year later (almost to the day!) I have the opportunity to share this beautiful, profound, and deep conversation with you all - and I’m so excited about it!

In this week’s new episode we chat all about Kathryn's work as an intuitive healer, her journey connecting to her psychic skills and abilities, and the healing process of owning and connecting to our intuitive space. Energy work - grounding in our own energy and removing other people's energy from our space, and energy work as a co-creative process. Distinguishing compassion from empathy, and releasing blocks and limiting beliefs to step into our growth and power, and the role of past lifetimes in our growth and healing. Plus, Kathryn shares the main message our spirit guides want us to know, her biggest dream, and so much more!

It was so much fun to have this conversation with Kathryn, and she’s been so instrumental in my healing and spiritual journey. I can’t wait to hear what you think! Make sure to join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

I work from the intuitive space, and I teach others how to use their intuitive space. We learn how to work with our intuition, and that process is a healing process. We learn how to heal ourselves, to heal others, and it doesn’t mean to fix - it means to work with what we need, what’s going on, what our blocks and issues are, and we learn how to work with it and release it.
— Kathryn Schiff

Kathryn has always been a free spirit and adventurer, and throughout her life she’s traveled to many places in the world- always exploring, searching, and listening. During a long stay in Buenos Aires, something shifted in her intuitive space. She started noticing messages from the Universe, what many would see as coincidences or strange occurrences. These were very personal and direct, and the more she opened to see and hear, the more information arrived. 

She continued to follow the signs and trust her journey, and she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. She began meditating at a psychic center and almost immediately her sense of self shifted. She discovered kind of a silent language that felt familiar, at home. After several years of study at The Center for Inner Truth in Santa Fe, developing her 6th chakra, she became a clairvoyant reader, certified as a teacher of intuition, and ordained as a spiritual minister. 

I think of energy as either yours or not, and if it’s yours it feels good in the body, and if it’s not yours it’s going to feel different. We all have our stories, our past lives, our DNA that carries all of our ancestral energy, and everything you’ve ever been connected to, you can find that information in your energetic space.
— Kathryn Schiff

Today, Kathryn practices a unique method that psychically looks at the client in terms of growth cycles and life path. She facilitates healing on the energy centers (the chakras) and the personal psychic space (the aura).

This helps to release energetic stagnation, attachments, outdated or negative belief patterns, other people’s energy, fear and other emotions that keep one from healing and from moving forward, to your highest potential. This process of letting go allows more clarity and ease in one’s life path, and she works together with the client to create a healing and also clairvoyantly reads what is going on. 

The reason past lives are important is because they hold information and energy in them. A lot of times, in this life, we’ll bring a lot of past lives energy that needs to be healed. There are so many people walking around with fears or issues because of a past life, not this one, and if you can clear it, know it’s there, and give healing to it, then you’re released from it and you can move forward in this life and grow.
— Kathryn Schiff

Kathryn is also an Intuitive Healing Teacher and the founder of SIGH: The School of Intuitive Greater Healing. Everyone has intuition, and through her basic certification you learn to tap into and develop your own abilities more fully. With the advanced certification, you’ll learn a new way of running energy. Through continuing to read energy and learn advanced healing techniques, this certification takes you to a deeper level of crown chakra seniority and knowing.

Kathryn has so many beautiful offerings, and the online version of the Basic Intuitive Healing Program will be available on her website on September 1st! Ah!! This is the first time she’s been able to offer the certification online! Stay tuned on her website to learn more!

With everything that she does, Kathryn’s goal is to help you create more space, clarity, peace, self-trust, and always healing - so that you can live more fully on your own authentic path.

I had the best time connecting with Kathryn and I’m so grateful for everything that she shared! This is such a fun, deep, and honest conversation - I can’t wait to hear what you think about this one!



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To learn more about Kathryn, her sessions, and her work as an Intuitive Teacher check out her website http://kathrynschiff.com and you can find her on Instagram @kathrynschiff

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