Ep. 25 Change Your Mindset, Change Your Money, Change the World with Lauren Peterson

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On the podcast today is Lauren Peterson. Lauren is an entrepreneur, personal development junkie, philanthropist, and money mindset coach - and she works with women to overcome their internal hurdles, master their mindset, and get in touch with who they are as a person. Lauren's mission is to drastically impact the lives of one million people (too cool right!), and she's doing this through coaching and guiding a global empowerment of women to live their fullest lives and ultimately change the world. 


Lauren believes that her purpose is to empower others with the tools to live their life from a place of abundance so that they're better able to support those in need most. For her, it's a never ending cycle . . . one individual helps another, who helps another . . . and I LOVE this never ending cycle of empowerment and service. 

I was so excited to chat with Lauren about her personal development journey, the role of self-love in her life, developing a relationship with herself and standing on her own two feet, her spiritual and self-care practice, the role depression has played in her life, changing our mindset and our language around money, and so much more.  

When Lauren approached me about being on Seek The Joy Podcast, it felt like a no brainer - I knew we were going to have a great conversation. Her energy is infectious and her passion to have an impact is undeniable - I know you're going to enjoy today's conversation. 


Before we jumped into talking about Lauren's work I wanted to talk to her about where it all began. Growing up Lauren was always mature for her age, and she never felt like she really fit in (ummm raise your hand if you can totally relate, I know I definitely can!) Depression runs in Lauren's family and she shares how the passing of her grandmother really woke her up. It took Lauren 27 years, but she finally realized she was living someone else's life. She was hanging out with people she didn't like and doing things that she didn't love. She dove deep into personal development, and well . . . the rest is history. 

Today, Lauren is living the life she wants to live, and through her work Lauren is empowering women to live happier, more purposeful lives. 

On today's episode we also had a really wonderful conversation about societal pressure and dating in 2018. Lauren shares how saying no to dating over the last 6 months created a miraculous shift in her life when it comes to self-love. She's really learned to be comfortable with spending time alone, relying on herself, and standing on her own two feet. 

Plus, Lauren shares the story about the time she went sky diving and jumped out of a plane (MHM), how important it is to do things that scare her, stretching her boundaries, 

Lauren has three pillars that guide her work: mindset, money, and service. The first step is to change and master your mindset. Lauren shares with us that our mindset is what holds us back from conquering greatness and living out our true purpose. On her site Lauren provides free resources that she uses that actually work to transform our lives for the better. 

Her second pillar, money, is all about financial empowerment. For Lauren, making money isn't rocket science but it requires work, patience, and a strong belief in yourself. So much of it's about changing our money stories and our language around money. On today's episode Lauren explains why this is so important, what's involved in doing this (it's not as hard as you might think!), and how she supports her clients in changing their money stories. She also shares her top tip for someone who wants to change their money story. 

Her third pillar is focused on service and changing the world. For Lauren it's all about giving back and making sure we have an impact. Lauren wants to serve those that need it most. Whether it be you, children in Africa, or women in homeless shelters. For Lauren, the greatest gift she's ever received was the opportunity to contribute to the world. She just got back from building a home for a family with the Greatness Foundation in Baja, Mexico - and it was so wonderful to hear Lauren share how traveling to Baja the first time late last year completely impacted and changed her life. 

Lauren's empowered herself, she's learned how to stand on her own two feet and rely on herself first. Now, she's helping other women to do the same. She shares SO MUCH on today's episode - thank you Lauren for sharing your joy and impact with us!

To learn more about Lauren and her work, make sure to visit her website laurenapeterson.com - there you'll find more information about working with her 1-on-1, free resources, her blog, and she's launching the Woman of Impact Podcast very soon!! 

You can find Lauren on Instagram @laurenapeterson_ and make sure to join her AMAZING Facebook tribe Women of Impact here 

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