Ep. 29 Everything's Coming Up Roses with Lisa Feierman of Rose-Colored Roundup

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On the podcast this week is Lisa Feierman, the founder and creator behind my favorite weekly newsletter, Rose-Colored Roundup. Rose-Colored Roundup is a weekly curation of the "good news" that we tend to miss in the form of an email newsletter. With uplifting stories of empowerment and progress, it's the best way to recharge for the long road ahead. Plus, who doesn't want a dose of inspiration, celebration, and positivity in their inbox every week?! (I know I definitely do!)

I've LOVED receiving Rose-Colored Roundup in my inbox over the last couple of months. Reading the inspiring and uplifting stories on Thursday afternoons always brightens up my day. So when you're done listening to today's episode (and reading these show notes!) sign up here to get the rosiness delivered straight to your inbox every week! 

As a digital news producer, Lisa is surrounded by the news all the time. Even for this natural optimist, today's political climate left Lisa feeling burned out. After realizing that there's too much negativity in the news world (and in our lives) she was inspired to start Rose-Colored Roundup. Lisa wanted a way to periodically unplug from the seemingly nonstop breaking news alerts and take a few minutes every week to focus on the good news in the world . . . and the rest is history. 

Every time Lisa finds a piece of good news, she marks it on the map! I'm convinced that pretty soon it's going to be completely covered.

Every time Lisa finds a piece of good news, she marks it on the map! I'm convinced that pretty soon it's going to be completely covered.

Today, Lisa curates weekly good news stories from around the world. From Everything's Coming Up Roses (aka the good news), No Late Bloomer, and Grass Is Always Greener, to name a few, each section of the newsletter is filled with punny titles and inspiring stories. From cool discoveries, encouraging trends, fierce role models, stories of resistance, and happy endings, Rose-Colored Roundup has it all. 

On today's episode we chat all about the inspiration behind Rose-Colored Roundup, stepping even further into her creativity and voice through sharing stories of empowerment, generosity, kindness, and progress, and how the newsletter has deeply impacted her life. We also chat about trusting yourself, what it's like starting a new project or business as a millennial, impostor syndrome, owning and celebrating what we've created, and so much more. 

Lisa says it so well on today's episode, joy is a bigger motivator than despair. Now more than ever it's important to surround ourselves with good news and solutions based news and stories that show us what's possible. So why not spend more time focusing on what's going right, rather than on what's going wrong? Plus, the more we take care of ourselves, the more we're able to give to others. So I challenge you to incorporate reading the good news into your self-care routine - I promise you won't regret it.


During today's episode Lisa and I chat about what it's like starting a new project or business as a millennial. Millennials get a bad rap as being "entitled" or "lazy." With that means we often get push back because of our age or experience, or lack thereof. So many people in our generation are going out there, taking initiative, and creating what they want to be part of. No matter what industry you're in, people will question your age and experience. You have a choice though. Will you let their doubts become your own? Or, will you push forward and trust that you can do whatever you set your mind to? As Lisa says, it's about doing that power pose and looking in the mirror and telling yourself, "hey! I can do this!"

The truth is we all struggle with impostor syndrome and feelings of legitimacy. Just because you don't have a huge team behind you doesn't mean that you and your business or project aren't legitimate. We have to own what we've created. During this week's conversation, Lisa shared that saying "we" and "us" helped her own the success that she's had so far. She realized that by doing that, she wasn't giving herself the credit she deserved. This part of our conversation was a major lightbulb moment for me. I realized I was doing the exact same thing too! Saying "we" has made us both feel a little more legitimate. To own our success, to give ourselves that credit, we have to move away from using "we" and "us" and instead use "me" and "I."

I loved this part of our conversation - it reminded me that we all have insecurities and worries when we're embarking on something new, and it's ok to feel a bit of fear and impostor syndrome. What's important is recognizing it and pushing back. You can truly do anything and create anything that you put your mind to. 

Lisa and I also chat about joy in her life and I loved how she touched upon this misconception that joy and self-care has to be this big and grand thing. For Lisa, it really feels like a warm hug - and I know exactly the feeling she's talking about. Those feelings of joy, comfort, and coziness in part inspired Rose-Colored Roundup. The name comes from rose-colored glasses and seeing the world from a rosier perspective. For Lisa, joy is the same thing. It's about looking for the silver lining and feeling good and cozy about where you are and your place in the world. 

Make your inbox and world view rosier and sign up for Rose-Colored Roundup today! 

You can follow Lisa and Rose-Colored Roundup on Instagram @rosecoloredroundup and check out previous editions (and sign up!) on her website rosecoloredroundup.com

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