Ep. 8 Taking The Leap and Going All In with Kelly Boyles of Milk House Shakes

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday and welcome back to the Seek The Joy Podcast! 

On today’s episode is Kelly Boyles. Kelly won the 2017 Calling All Dreamers Competition in Sacramento earlier this year for her concept, Milk House Shakes. Milk House Shakes will feature milkshakes named and themed after U.S. Presidents, combining Kelly's love of milkshakes with her passion for U.S. history. 

Kelly is getting ready to open up her first store front in Old Town Sacramento in early 2018 (she's going for Presidents Day - so stay tuned!)

The Calling All Dreamers competition started in 2013 and has helped 16 new businesses open. The competition also pairs each participant with a business mentor who helps them as they go through the competition, and provides funding to the winner to open up their first storefront. 

Kelly and I met at USC, she was my new member educator when I first joined my sorority. Kelly is one of the kindest, most caring and genuine people that I know - and I can't imagine this opportunity going to a more deserving person. 

Kelly went to USC with the intention of becoming a history teacher and she has always loved milkshakes (we chat a little bit about that and Ground Zero aka only the BEST milkshake cafe at USC). When she entered the competition, she initially wanted to open a food truck. Once she entered though, she knew she wanted to go all in. 

It's so cool to see her idea and passion come to life. 

For the love of Abe and Milkshakes - Milk House Shakes

For the love of Abe and Milkshakes - Milk House Shakes

What I love about Milk House Shakes is Kelly's plan to make the shop a place where people can come and learn more about U.S. history while enjoying a great milkshake. She plans to engage customers with presidential trivia on the cups, continue to build her "About Sac" series on Youtube, and use her social media platforms to share fun facts about the presidents. For Kelly, she wants education to be a major part of her business - whether it's through the About Sac series or something else, she loves learning more about U.S. history and sharing it with others. 

We chat all about entering the competition, what that journey was like for her, and the process developing the Milk House Shakes concept. We also talk about kindness, showing grace to yourself and others, and how staying balanced and grounded is really difficult when you're starting a new business. 

I loved Kelly's advice at the end of the episode. If there's something you're passionate about, if there's something that's calling your name, jump in and don't think about it. Don't let your fear stop you, take that deep dive and go for it. 

My favorite quote from today's episode "It's not rocket science, you just don't know it yet" ... give today's episode a listen to find out why ⭐️💯 

I loved this conversation with Kelly and I hope you enjoy today’s episode. I’m SO excited for Kelly and cannot wait to see Milk House Shakes when it opens next year!! 

Who knows, there may be a store in your neighborhood before you know it! 

To find out more about Kelly and Milk House Shakes you can visit their website milkhouseshakes.com

Or visit their Facebook and Instagram 

You can check out Kelly's new About Sac Series here 

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