Ep. 24 Embracing Our Creative Empowerment with Norma Jean Belenky

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Guys this week's episode is a fun one - and it's an interview swap! On the podcast this week is Norma Jean Belenky, and I had the best time chatting with her for both Seek The Joy Podcast and her podcast, Stay Wild - a podcast about how to keep your quirks in the wondrous world.

Norma Jean is multi-talented, and such a kind, compassionate, and inspiring person. She's a musician, artist, and entrepreneur, and one of her biggest passions is guiding others to creative empowerment - but in order to do that, she had to empower herself first. She's recorded two albums of her songs and drawn over 1000 daily doodle cartoons (they're instantly recognizable on Instagram - the cheeky chicken is SO cute and her captions are always insightful, creative, and from the heart). Originally from Southern California (not too far fro me actually!), she now resides in Bali - I mean, how cool is that?! 

When Norma Jean approached me about being on each other's podcasts - it felt like a no brainer! It's funny, I don't get that nervous anymore when I'm interviewing someone for Seek The Joy, but when the tables were turned I was nervous! (So I apologize in advance if I'm talking really fast in that interview - I literally had to tell myself to calm down multiple times!) Norma Jean is an awesome interviewer, so make sure to check out today's episode of Stay Wild too! 


On today's episode, I had the best time chatting with Norma Jean about her creativity, self-love and joy journey, choosing a life of creative expression, following her passions, embracing our creative empowerment, having a daily creative practice, overcoming self-doubt and fear, choosing your own adventure, finding her voice as both a woman and artist, and so much more.  

Through all of the ups and downs, Norma Jean has stayed true to herself, followed that feeling in her gut that says "this is what I'm meant to do," and lives with so much compassion and kindness both to herself, and others. We really cover so much on today's episode - and I'm convinced we could have kept talking for HOURS. Norma Jean and I really have a lot in common, and I'm just so excited for you to hear her on Seek The Joy and me on Stay Wild! 

Norma Jean is co-hosting a 7 day all-inclusive retreat for women in Bali from April 29-May 5, and she wants you to join! (Taken straight from their website) Camp Clarity is all the fun of summer camp, with daily gratitude raffles, connection, and team building taken to the next level as conscious, empowered, women of worth.  You will return to your life not just on a “vacation high” but riding the gap from the life you have to the life you want, excited to return home with new tools, resources, community, and support, for continued and sustainable success.   

Make sure to head over to  www.joincampclarity.com and www.joincampclarity.com/selflove  to learn more! 

To learn more about Norma Jean, visit her website njloves.com and to listen to Norma Jean's beautiful music you can find it at http://normajeanb.bandcamp.com 

You can find Norma Jean and her doodles on Instagram @normajeanlovesdoodles 

Listen to this week's new episode of Stay Wild Podcast (which I'm on!) here:



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