Ep. 42 Telling Your Story one Résumé, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile at a Time with Sarah Sax of Write For The Job

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to put together a solid résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that tells your personal story, presents the best version of you, all to help you land a job that brings you joy and makes you happy?! Well look no further than this week's episode with Sarah Sax, founder and CEO of Write For The Job, because we're breaking it all down. 

Write For The Job weaves your personal story into your professional materials to uniquely explain how your expertise and skill-set sets you apart to catapult you into a fulfilling career. When you're looking to put your professional materials together, apply to jobs, or transition your career, you absolutely want Sarah in your corner. 

On today's episode we chat all about Sarah's top tips to create a résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that proves why you're right for the job, her love for storytelling and how that led her to starting her company, and why we need to weave our personal stories into our materials ASAP. We also have a wonderful conversation about balance, the side effects of being happy in your career, the magic behind the power pose, Sarah's favorite quotes, how Thrive Global has changed her life, and so much more!

I have a theory: If more people had jobs that made them happy, the world would be a kinder and friendlier place. People would be in a better mood. We would communicate with each other nicely. There would be more positive energy to go around. Let’s start this change with you. Prepare your professional materials with Write For The Job to land a job you love.
— Sarah Sax
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For more than a decade, Sarah has used the power of words to articulately communicate stories in journalism and fundraising. She transfers her storytelling and writing talent to revamp professional materials for her clients to prove why they are right for the job. Sarah writes résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles to reflect each client's authenticity, drive, and skills.

It's all about articulating your experience in a compelling way, formatting your materials to be aesthetically pleasing, and maximizing your materials to ensure greater visibility so that you can land a job that brings you joy. Sarah is really energized and dedicated to guiding clients in effectively presenting themselves for a job that will catapult their dreams into fulfilling careers.  

So, what can you expect when you work with Sarah?

You'll start off by having a 1-hour Skype planning and consulting session. From there, Sarah will design and revamp your materials and send them back for your review. She'll incorporate any feedback and tweak your materials to perfection. It's an easy and smooth process, and speaking from experience, a total game changer!

Sarah and I first connected back in February when she was in Los Angeles for the Create & Cultivate Conference (I still regret not getting a ticket in time! Ugh!) We connected in their Facebook group, jumped on the phone, and quickly realized just how much we had in common (and how many people we had in common!) Sarah and I both went to USC but never crossed paths while we were there - and I so wish we did. Sarah has become a good friend and someone I've already learned so much from. She's smart, witty, caring, and has a HUGE heart. You'll hear it during this week's episode - her desire to serve others and help them find a job that they love, that will bring them joy, is inspiring and motivates everything that she does. 

Sarah helped me revamp my résumé and cover letter back in April. I'm always a little nervous about having someone look at my professional materials and this was SUCH a positive experience. I can't even begin to tell you just how valuable it was to have a new pair of eyes look at everything.

Sarah has this incredible way of honing in on who you are and making sure that your voice and talents shine through. She is thorough, professional, and efficient. She took my materials, fine-tuned them, and honestly I'm more confident than ever about applying to jobs.


Sarah also hosts Competitive Edge Interactive Workshops in New York City! This dynamic, engaging, and interactive workshop is designed to give you the tools to establish your brand and articulate your value throughout your professional materials. At her workshops you learn how to sharpen your résumé, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter to give you a competitive edge. 

Sarah recently hosted a workshop through the USC Alumni Association of New York. If you're in New York City and would like to connect with Sarah about her workshops, just click here

Sarah and I also had a WONDERFUL conversation about balance, staying organized, changing your habits to feel more joy, Sarah's favorite quotes, Thrive Global and the impact Ariana Huffington has had on Sarah's life. It just goes to show that there are so many incredible resources out there that can help you find your balance, joy, and help ground you when life gets really nuts. 

It's so wonderful to connect with someone who feels so much joy that it just RADIATES into every single thing they do. Sarah is always smiling, she has the best energy, and I just can't wait for you guys to hear this week's new episode. 

To learn more about Sarah check out her website www.writeforthejob.net

You can find Sarah on Facebook @WriteForTheJobNow and LinkedIn @writeforthejob 

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