Ep. 63 Tuning In with Third Generation Healer and Intuitive Aiden Chase


Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday!

On the podcast this week is Aiden Chase, Third Generation Healer and Intuitive.

I am so excited about this episode for so many reasons. For one, Aiden has been a good friend and mentor to me for almost five years. I started working with Aiden in 2014 at the suggestion of my dad. I was going through a difficult time, and in many ways I wasn’t on the path I was meant to be on. The energy and healing work I’ve done with Aiden has completely changed my life over the last five years. In fact, he planted the seed for the name of this podcast! Remember how I mentioned a friend of mine said I needed to “seek the joy” in my life? Well, that friend was Aiden!

In this week’s new episode we chat all about Aiden's work as a third generation healer and intuitive, how he tunes into his gifts, and how we can connect with our intuition to use it as a guiding force. Aiden shares the transformative power of clearing energetic blocks to aim for our joy and the healing power of love. Plus, we chat about Aiden's role in my healing and spiritual journey, the path to clearing my anger, how I've healed through seeking my joy, and SO much more! 

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It’s about finding and tuning in to your own inner guidance system that helps you build your life, and helps you aim towards your wishes, dreams, and preferences. I say whatever you prefer, whatever you’re drawn to, is our soul guiding us in the right direction, because those things bring us joy.
— Aiden Chase

Aiden is truly an acclaimed, third generation, healer and intuitive. He uses his extraordinary healing and psychic gifts to support his clients wishes and dreams through light, love and inspiration. He uses many ancient world and inter-dimensional energy healing techniques and modalities and provides intuitive and psychic guidance. His psychic abilities also include clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. It was so great to ask Aiden about the differences between being a healer and intuitive, and what connecting with his psychic gifts look like.

How do you define intuition?

For Aiden, he looks at intuition in several ways. He believes that it’s about the now. It’s that gut feeling that you experience in the moment - and it’s always right, it’s never wrong. We all have the power and the ability to tune into our intuition, and I loved hearing Aiden reflect on the role intuition, and connecting to it, has played in his life and his work. Learning to trust our intuition is like building a muscle, and when we build that muscle that’s when synchronicities and alignments begin to show up more and more. But, it’s often a process to build that trust. Aiden’s advice? Listen to the little signs and symbols, the things that keep showing up, and follow what feels right.

I look at intuition in several ways. I believe that intuition is about the now. It’s about that gut feeling, that animal instinct right now. Our intuition, our gut feeling, is always right. It’s never wrong.
— Aiden Chase

Aiden and I spent some time talking about whether we come into this lifetime knowing our soul’s purpose. Aiden shares his philosophy - that we select our parents before we’re born, and the circumstances we’re born into are all meant to aid us in our soul’s journey. I can’t wait for you all to hear the rest of what he shared in this week’s episode!

Through his work, Aiden helps people shed the things that they’re believing about themselves that may not even be accurate, so that they can follow what they’re meant to do in this lifetime. The transformative power of clearing energetic blocks is real, and it’s something that I know firsthand. When we clear these blocks and consciously move energy, we begin to heal. Aiden’s goal is really to help you clear the way to illuminate your path for you to fulfill your wishes and dreams.


Clients come to Aiden from around the world seeking channeled energy healing and intuitive psychic guidance - and he has over 850 clients worldwide! (I had no idea it was over 800 clients! So cool.)

When someone comes to Aiden for a energy healing or intuitive psychic session, he looks deep inside to reveal what the soul is asking for. To Aiden, these steps toward enlightenment are the genesis of healing.  His goal is to help you to clear the way and illuminate your path for you to fulfill your wishes and dreams. You can change your life now and find the love, success and happiness you desire, and it all starts with your willingness to do the work.

What is healing?

Love heals everything. It concurs all, solves all, heals all, rescues all and sometimes it can be very energetic. I always say angels and above, love only. There’s this boundary that I set that says I only receive into this space the highest light and love.
— Aiden Chase

For Aiden, healing is about love. Something Aiden has been saying for years is, where intention goes, energy flows. When we lead with love, everything transforms. As Aiden shares in this week’s episode, healing is also very subtle and gentle. Love heals all, and when we open the doors to our inner love, to our self-love, and begin to heal ourselves, it has the power to inspire another to seek that healing within themselves too.

Aiden works with angels and above of the highest light and love only, and it was great to hear him speak on the importance of setting boundaries in terms of who and what he works with and allows into his space.

How do you aim for your joy?


It starts with aiming for what lights you up, what brings a sparkle to your eye, and makes you feel like, you. If we can aim for that space, that’s where the magic is. As Aiden shares, fear is our final frontier - and fear is the opposite of love and joy. In many ways our culture right now is working on eradicating that fear and anger. When we seek that joy space, that’s when the whole world is going to change dramatically.

Anger is always unresolved fear that’s festered underneath, and this discussion was the perfect way to transition into talking a little bit about our work together. I know I’ve shared this on the podcast before, but for years anger was my go-to emotion. It was how I expressed myself.

My work with Aiden has been instrumental in my healing journey. Through our work together I started to peel back the layers and develop an understanding of that anger and where it stemmed from. I learned that anger was an inauthentic expression of who I was, and that some of the anger I carried with me was mine from this lifetime, and in some cases it was something I brought into this lifetime with me from past lives. When I had to have my appendix removed in 2016, I realized pretty quickly that it was a physical expression of my anger - and it had to go! Our emotions manifest in our body - and it’s a theme that’s been discussed time and time again on this show (and it’s amazing just how present this theme is for so many of us!)

Energy healing can often be seen as this serious thing, but the truth is Aiden and I have had a lot of fun and joy through our work together. I’ve worked really hard over the last five years on removing my anger, and Aiden has guided me throughout that journey. His reflections on my journey over the last five years really mean so much to me, and I’m grateful for what he said and what he shared.

Our lives can really transform when we stay in the love and stay in the light. When you’re in that space - that’s where
the joy is.
— Aiden Chase

Over the next several months (and episodes!) I’m going to be sharing more about my spiritual and healing journey. I am so ready to share this journey, but I’m also very nervous. As I shared in this week’s episode, I’m learning that when we have the courage, and the willingness, to get quiet within our own healing and look at who we are, and who we want to be, what brings us joy and what we’re passionate about - even if you don’t know the full picture yet! Just having that courage to aim a little bit in that direction, is life-changing.

As Aiden shared, when we spread our own healing journey, and healing intention for seeking the joy, it has the potential to plant beautiful seeds around the world, and the universe, and amazing things come back around.



Aiden offers Channelled Energy Healing Sessions, Intuitive Readings and Life Guidance, Intuitive Business Advisor and Strategist, Home and Business Clearing and Charging, and Group Healing Events, Retreats and Lectures.

To learn more about Aiden and his work, and to book a session, check out his website www.aidenchase.com and you can find his energy alchemy mists, crystal jewelry and more on www.wizardly.com

You can connect with Aiden on Facebook @theaidenchase Instagram @aidenchase and on Twitter @aidenchase and check out his Tropical Island Healing Meditation on iTunes here



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