The Power of Storytelling - Episode 14

Welcome back to The Power of Storytelling! 

Kelly, Nataleen and Jake - thank you for sharing your stories, your words, and your journey with all of us. 

This month’s episode reminded me of two things. One, that the stories we often tell ourselves aren’t true, and that if we have the courage to choose the stories and beliefs that align with our passion, path, and joy - anything is possible. Two, from every breakdown comes a breakthrough, and that there is a light out of every dark tunnel - if we only choose to see it.

I’m so grateful for the reflections this month’s stories stirred in me, and I know the words and reflections that are shared in this month’s episode will resonate deeply with you too.

It’s truly my honor to share the stories and provide the space here to share a little bit more about the women and men behind these words. I encourage you to check out Kelly, Nataleen and Jake after you listen to this week’s new episode.


Kelly Pietrangeli is the creator of Project Me, a global movement of women who are ready to show up as their best selves. Blending practical life-management strategies with personal growth inspiration, Kelly will help you to consciously create a life you love.

In this week’s episode, Kelly reflects on the stories we tell ourselves over and over again until they become our truth. We often allow these stories to define us - but what if we chose to tell different stories? And what if, these new stories could bring us more freedom, strength, and joy?

In reflecting on these stories we allow to define us, Kelly shares true facts about her own life and follows each one with the stories she could be telling herself about each one, followed by the story she chooses to believe. From why her father abused her as a little girl, to why her mother worked nights in the factory - Kelly bravely opens up to share the moments of difficulty in her own life, and how she’s chosen tell stories that serve her growth and purpose, rather than keep her small. Kelly reflects on how it’s often difficult to re-write our story, and she shares what she’s done to replace the old stories with new ones. From recognizing when you’re telling this story and hitting pause, using EFT tapping (emotional freedom technique) to help bring your story to the surface to get real about it, to practice loving what is - Kelly’s vulnerability will undoubtedly inspire you to seek out and choose methods and techniques that will allow you to fully blossom into the life you deserve. It’ll also remind you that the stories you have told yourself don’t define you, and you can choose the person that you want to be.

Kelly is also the author of ‘Project Me for Busy Mothers: A Practical Guide to Finding a Happier Balance’, based on her 19 years of motherhood and her popular blog. I’m so grateful for everything that Kelly shared in this week’s episode. The questions she poses throughout her story challenge us all to look at the stories from our past that we’ve allowed to define us, and begin to empower ourselves to live out the beautiful story that’s waiting for all of us.

Self-limiting beliefs often stem from stories that you’re clinging on to that aren’t serving you. They hold you back from true happiness and success. Begin to bring a gentle awareness to these stories and see if you can give them new meaning. It isn’t about forgetting your past and making things up, it’s about choosing to tell the truth in a less victimizing and more empowering way.
— Kelly Pietrangeli


Nataleen Henry is the creator of Butterflies - Broken Wings can Fly Again, a support group and resource that brings awareness to other women and men who have gone through rape, sexual abuse, or domestic violence. In this week’s new episode, Nataleen shares her story of transformation from ashes to beauty. She candidly shares her story of being raped at age 16, and how the pain, blame and shame took a toll on her self-confidence and self-esteem. Two years later, at the age of 18, she found herself in a toxic and abusive relationship that altered the direction of her life, and ultimately brought her back to a space of self-love and self-compassion.

Nataleen’s reflections on domestic violence will remind you that age, gender, level of education, and social background don’t matter when it comes to sexual abuse and domestic violence, and that it can happen to anyone. Her words on her own experience will remind you to approach others with compassion and understanding, rather than judgment and criticism. Her courage to take a leap of faith and bravely trust her instincts to leave that relationship will remind you that we’re so much stronger than we think. Nataleen’s choice to move away from that abusive relationship wasn’t easy, and during this week’s episode she shares with us that at one point she had to take out a restraining order. Her decision to no longer stay in a negative and abusive space allowed her to reclaim her life, and begin to build it step by step. Her words on how there is a light out of every dark tunnel will remind you that when we take the steps to begin to empower ourselves, anything is possible if we hold on to faith, trust, and hope.

As a result of her experiences Nataleen created Butterflies as a space to provide encouragement and hope. Her biggest dream is to create awareness, and her story is a message of hope, encouragement, light and love. It’s a beautiful reminder that no matter the darkness you’re experiencing, there is a light waiting for you, and you can truly blossom and become that beautiful butterfly you always dreamed of, if you just believe.

I can truly say there is beauty from my ashes. Sometimes in life we go through things that can really break us, but then those things that break us - those broken pieces - god can use, and we can use to create a masterpiece. It can create a stepping stone, not just for yourself but for those that come from those same experiences.
— Nataleen Henry

Jake Barlow is a Transformational Coach and Holistic Therapist specializing in Inner Child Trauma resolution (the Completion Process), Sound Healing, and Shamanism. He helps a wide range of people who suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia and complete PTSD, as well as assisting with chronic pain and serious illness.

In this week’s episode Jake walks us through his story of struggling with self-loathing and pain, depression and suicidal thoughts, to living a life of empowerment and purpose. Jake shares with us the moment he was in a room with a psychic, talking about his current situation and how he got to that space of pain. After reflecting on his childhood, and the traumas he experienced as a young man as a result of his parents divorce, he quickly realized that what he was experiencing wasn’t his fault, and that he still had a greater purpose and mission on this planet.

Despite being academically bright, excelling in sports and music, he was desperately lonely. Jake shares with us his journey realizing and understanding the source of that loneliness. His reflections on how emotional neglect can’t be seen, how we all have our own perceptions that shape our worldview, and how that can impact our feelings of isolation and loneliness, will remind you to remain compassionate towards yourself, and others. His words on how his quest for understanding led him to healing, spirituality, and its impact on our overall emotional health, will challenge you to look at your own healing and the steps you can consciously take to reach a space of greater understanding too.

We are all longing for connection and intimacy, and Jake’s story reminds us that we have so much to gain from developing real, authentic connections that allow us to develop greater compassion and understanding for the experiences of another. When we take an active and sincere interest in the experiences, thoughts, and emotions of those around us, we have a beautiful and unique opportunity to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, and be a source of unconditional love and presence without judgment. It’s from that space that we can truly begin to empower ourselves and others, and walk hand in hand on this journey.

My advice would be to empower people by really listening to them, understanding them, and making them feel like they belong by taking an active interest in their internal world. Ask them how they are and what they think. The key to healing most of our mental health issues will come from that deep sense of connection that we are all craving, that deep intimacy that we all desire.
— Jake Barlow


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To learn more about Jake and his work, you can connect with him by visiting his website and you can connect with him on Facebook @ReintegrationResonanceTherapy and YouTube @ReintegrationResonanceTherapy and on LinkedIn here

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