What if we were to take 10 seconds. 

Just 10 seconds to close our eyes and breathe. 

What if we took those 10 seconds to breathe, more than just one time a day? And what if we made it a conscious part of our practice and routine of being alive, of being human, to make sure that we breathe?

How often do you hold your breath?

I hold my breath all the time. I hold my breath when I'm recording for this podcast, during the day, in conversation, when I'm watching TV. I hold my breath in moments of excitement. I hold my breath in moments of tension and anxiety. 

What if we stopped doing that?

What if we fully allowed ourselves to breathe?

What if fully allowing ourselves to breathe, meant we fully allowed ourselves to live?

Every moment that you hold your breath, that you hold it in, you're holding in a part of who you are.

By holding that part of you in, you're not allowing yourself to express who you are. 

Every breath is an opportunity for expression.

Why do we hold that breath in? It's something that I've been thinking a lot about and trying to understand for myself. 

What stops us from fully expressing who we are? 

To hear all of my thoughts on this - and why I really believe we hold our breath in - make sure to listen to today's BONUS episode. 

This is something that I've been thinking a lot about and so I thought - why not podcast about it? 

The month of May was a really transformational month for me - mind, body, and soul. I'm excited to start to share a little more of that with all of you, which honestly starts by sharing more episodes like this one that are just straight up reflections. 

So, whether you’re listening to this today, this week, or in months from now I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and don't forget to breathe. 

I'll see you right back here for another #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! 

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