Ep. 35 Finding Joy in Networking, Community, and Connection with Emily Merrell of Six Degrees Society

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On the podcast this week is Emily Merrell, founder and CEO of Six Degrees Society. 

Emily, often lovingly referred to as “20 questions,” has always loved figuring out people’s stories. Born a natural connector, she was tired of showing up at a networking event on behalf of her company. She realized we're so much more than just the company that we work for, and she wanted to create a place that would allow our personal sparkle to shine through. 

While working in the fashion industry, she dreamt up a place where individuals could come together from all industries, all backgrounds, and show up as who they are - unapologetically. She wanted to create an experience that was friendly, familiar, and full of learning. Emily is a big believer that learning shouldn't be limited to expensive classes or a sterile environment. Instead, it should be something that happens all the time and with people you want to connect with. 

Out of her desire to create something more, Six Degrees Society was born in 2014 - and in 2016 she made her dream a full-time business. (Too freakin cool!!) Since its launch, Six Degrees Society has expanded to 10 markets across the country and they haven't stopped growing. Every event averages 25-30 attendees, and they're truly cultivating a community. 


On today's episode we chat all about the inspiration behind Six Degrees Society and how it all began, how Emily is taking the guess work out of networking, and Emily's top tips for any networking event. We also chat about what she's learned about herself since stepping out on her own, following her passions, and becoming an entrepreneur, and how in doing so it's allowed her to be the most authentic version of herself. Emily also shares how she's been able to trust her journey, tools and practices she relies on to stay balanced and cultivate more self-love, and how staying present brings her the most joy.  

Six Degrees Society is a women’s networking group that hosts a diversified series of monthly programming for millennial young professionals. In two years, Six Degrees has evolved into much more than strictly professional networking; they are now an ever-growing community of women all over the country who empower themselves and each other, are hungry to learn new skills, and are tomorrow’s game changers. Six Degrees Society takes the guesswork out of who you meet while at networking events, and creates a warm and inviting environment to be the most authentic version of yourself. 

So, what can you expect when you attend a Six Degrees Society event? When you first arrive you'll be greeted by your chapter's ambassador (seriously Justine in LA is AWESOME). After settling in and mingling over some snacks, you'll meet with two people who are hand-picked for you based upon bios that are sent in before the event. Following the two matches there's an hour of programming, which ranges anywhere from fireside chats, panels, workshops, and various activities.

I’m very grateful to everything that’s happened. I’ve also really been trusting in the journey, and seeing how things have unfolded, because it’s unfolded in ways that have surprised me.
— Emily Merrell
Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 3.57.54 PM.png

I attended my first Six Degrees Society event in May and guys, I'm hooked. The two women I was matched with were incredible, at no point in the evening was I asked for my business card, and I had the opportunity to connect with and get to know so many fantastic women, learn about photography (just call me a flat lay expert now #kidding), and made plans with a couple of different people to get together again.

The women who are part of the Six Degrees Society community come from all industries and roles. No two conversations or matches will ever be the same - and I love that. There's truly something we can learn from every person we meet. 

To learn more about Emily, Six Degrees Society, and attend one of their events make sure to check out their website sixdegreessociety.com

You can find Six Degrees Society on Instagram @six_degrees_society and Facebook @sixdegreessociety and you can find Emily on Instagram @emilyamerrell

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