Ep. 26 Play and Be Awesome with Cailin Robinson of Live Pretty Well

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! 


On the podcast today is Cailin Robinson - one of the kindest and most genuine people I've met since starting this podcast! Cailin is a playologist, a champion for fun and play, a relentless optimist, and a firm believer that we have to play to be well and our best selves. Through her work, Cailin's aim is to show others how to be light with their lives, have fun, and play!

On today's episode we chat all about play - what it means to play, why play is important, how you can infuse more play into your life today, reconnecting with your playful spirit as an adult, play personality types, and where the inspiration for Live Pretty Well came from. We also chat about Cailin's self-love, self-compassion, and joy journey, how her work has made a difference in her life, what she's learned about herself reconnecting to fun and play, the role of gratitude in her life, and so much more. 

I had the best time connecting with Cailin - and I felt a connection to her right away. 

So, where did this emphasis on play and fun begin? 


Cailin has never strayed too far from play. Her undergraduate degree is in Art Education, and she taught art for several years. Fast forward to a few years of marriage, a cross-country move, and a baby girl - Nora shares with us just how much having her daughter has changed her life and reignited play in her life. Play became front and center, and so did the enjoyment of creating. She never wanted her daughter to ask permission to create - so they created a "creativity corner" in their home. That corner served Cailin and her husband Jason just as much as it served their daughter Nora - and it's almost as if a lightbulb went off in Cailin's head. She became really curious about the role of play in our lives as an adult, and shortly after Live Pretty Well was born.


Cailin's job is to coach you in finding out what play means to you, and to collaborate to create a game plan to integrate fun back into our busy lives. Once you work with Cailin, play becomes a habit and second nature, just like brushing our teeth. 

Cailin explains on today's episode that as adults our lives are full of responsibility, endless to-do lists, and very little room for fun. (Can you see now why I absolutely had to have Cailin on the podcast to chat about fun and play!? This totally rings true for me as to why I started Seek The Joy!) Cailin is all about collaborating with adults to bring play, fun, and laughter back into our lives, and help us make small shifts that add up to significant changes.

She helps people uncover their play personality type, shake things up, and create a plan that works. Cailin is a firm believer that play makes us better humans, and she's all about helping us remember the things we loved as kids that brought us joy and play. 


It's about bringing us back to feeling deeply connected to those we love, having more compassion, and really enjoying our lives. 

So, what are some of the benefits of infusing more play into our lives?

  • Sustained optimism - positive mental and emotional health.
  • Physical health - decreased stress, increased immunity, and increased brain function.
  • Heartfelt connection with others 

Um... I'm in! 

On top of chatting ALL about play (I had so many questions guys), it was great to hear Cailin talk about what it means for her to live authentically, and how she keeps herself grounded - even amongst big life changes, like her recent move from San Diego to Monterey! 

Today's episode is so so good, I know you guys are going to enjoy it! 

To learn more about Cailin and how to work with her 1-on-1, visit her website www.liveprettywell.com

You can find Cailin on Instagram @live.pretty.well and Facebook @playandbeawesome (or search Live Pretty Well) or you can e-mail her at cailin@liveprettywell.com

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