Flip The Script

I'm back with another bonus episode and get ready for some #realtalk about thinking small and how doing so keeps us from feeling joy. It's time we stop limiting ourselves and believing in who we are. It's about beginning to believe you ARE someone, you ARE important, and you DO have something to contribute. 


For my whole life I've made myself smaller, and done everything in my power to make myself FEEL smaller. In today's bonus episode

I share a story about sitting on my therapist's couch in 2013 - and I have a feeling someone out there is going to be able to relate to this. I would literally do EVERYTHING in my power to make myself smaller - I'd sit on the furthest end of the couch, make my body as small as I possible could, and take up ZERO space, 

I have a HUGE lightbulb moment during this recording and it's all about taking up space. Yup, its pretty clear to me that in order to flip the script for yourself you have to be willing to take up space. Take up space in your life, take up space in someone else's life, take up space in the world. 

So many of us fear allowing ourselves to be seen, heard, acknowledged and recognized. For my entire life I've hidden from life, and only kind of peaked my head out from around the corner when it felt safe to do so. I've never been one to trust life and I've always been someone who wants to make sure the situation or person is "safe" before I'd trust them or allow myself to be vulnerable. I would peak out when it felt safe and then go back into the shadows again - because I was never willing to take up space in my own life. 

Taking up space is not a bad thing. You're not imposing yourself. No. It's about being present, being open, being you and letting the real you be seen! It's about letting that authenticity come through. It's about letting your inner beauty shine. 

The second we're willing to take up space in our lives is the moment everything changes. 

Flipping the script has a lot to do with releasing our fears, releasing our apprehensions, and getting on with pursuing our passions. To live this life you have to release those fears, worries, anxieties, and you have to be willing to put your foot on the accelerator. Even if it's only going 10 mph - you have to be willing to start the car and get it going. 

Pursue who you want to be. 

Do whatever it's going to take to get you there.

Flip that script. 

When it comes to flipping the script - the only thing that I know to do is to actually flip it. More than anything else I've realized just how important it is to have the intention to flip the script.

Be more mindful of the ways you're really limiting yourself in your life. 

What are you doing daily to keep yourself small?

To keep yourself feeling small?

What are you doing every day to set yourself up to perpetuate that smallness?

What can you do to interrupt it, to change it, to be more mindful of it?

To flip the script it takes putting in the mindful work. Ultimately, you'll get to your destination -which is to really stand in your power and recognize who you are and your worth! 

Flip that script. 

I love you guys, thank you for listening and reading. At the end of the day, it's about building ourselves up, building up this community, and reminding all of us that we're not alone. 

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