Ep. 27 Representing All Women with Raquel Genae and Vanessa Marie of The Fem Files

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Vanessa Marie & Raquel Genae of The Fem Files

Vanessa Marie & Raquel Genae of The Fem Files

On the podcast today is Raquel Genae and Vanessa Marie - the dynamic, inspiring, and incredible sisters behind The Fem Files.

Raquel and Vanessa are dedicated to giving women a voice and a platform to be who they want to be, and through their platform they're providing the space for what they want to see. They're currently collaborating with The Write Dose (their founder Brittany Priore was on Ep. 10 of the podcast!) on the "Learn To Love" campaign coming soon 🌴💗

On today's episode we chat all about the inspiration behind The Fem Files, how they've drawn on their own experiences to shape the mission behind their platform, what it's like working and creating together as sisters, finding their voice through giving other women a voice and a platform to share theirs, their self-love, empowerment, creativity, and joy journeys, what they've learned the most about themselves along the way, and so much more. 

The Write Dose X The Fem Files ‘Learn to Love” campaign coming soon // @thewritedose @thefemfiles @kaychubs Photo by @highonlifestylee 

The Write Dose X The Fem Files ‘Learn to Love” campaign coming soon // @thewritedose @thefemfiles @kaychubs Photo by @highonlifestylee 

The Fem Files is a collective of creativity, self-love, empowerment, body positivity, and feminism through an expression of art and fashion. Raquel and Vanessa both saw a huge lack of representation and leadership among women across all industries. Through creating content and starting the conversation, they're being the change that they want to see. 

You'll hear it on today's episode - their dynamic is THE BEST. So fun, so loving, you can tell they really enjoy working together and they compliment each other so well. (I'm obsessed with their bond).

Raquel is a writer, and she writes poems, lyrics, scripts, and performs spoken word locally in Miami. She's really passionate about women and media - words and imagery are beyond powerful to her. Vanessa is a graphic designer and a free spirit. She loves to read and has an incredible aesthetic eye. 

Photo courtesy of The Fem Files

Photo courtesy of The Fem Files

For both Raquel and Vanessa, it's refreshing to see the world through the eyes of so many - and I'm so excited for you all to hear their journey and mission on today's episode. When we think about the dominant images we see in the media, there's this inherent pressure that we all feel to look a certain way, be a certain size, have a certain job . . . the list goes on. That pressure, in all its forms, can really impact our willingness and ability to love ourselves for exactly who we are.

Our self-love, compassion, and kindness journeys are all different - but there's one thing we all have in common. It's a willingness to break old patterns and really start to see, love, and appreciate our unique gifts, talents, and abilities. It was really refreshing to hear Raquel and Vanessa's perspective on this pressure, how they deal with it in their own lives, and the practices and techniques they've put into place to embrace and love themselves for exactly who they are. 

I loved hearing both Raquel and Vanessa reflect on where they see themselves in this emerging self-love and empowerment movement - and I'm so excited to see where they take The Fem Files next. 

Stay tuned for The Write Dose X The Fem Files ‘Learn to Love” campaign coming soon! 

To learn more about Raquel and Vanessa, visit their website thefemfiles.com and on Instagram @thefemfiles and Facebook @thefemfiless

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