Ep. 67 Trusting New Beginnings, Igniting Your Inner Alchemist, and Attuning to Your Magic with Nicola Behrman

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday!


On the podcast this week is Nicola Behrman, Energy Alchemist and Spiritual Sage.

I am so excited about this episode for so many reasons. Nicola and I first met in December 2017 when I visited her at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for a session, and it was an experience that truly helped opened me up and move me forward in my own spiritual journey. The work that followed with The Celestial Journey opened me to my own magic, and allowed me to step forward in my own authentic truth and voice in ways I never thought possible.

I was so excited to have this conversation with Nicola and even more thrilled to be able to share it with you!

In this week’s new episode we chat about Nicola’s work as an energy alchemist and spiritual sage, igniting our inner alchemist, and remembering that we all have access to this magic. We chat about navigating life’s transitions, taking sacred pauses, and what it means to tune into the energy of the universe and trusting our hearts to guide us. We also spend time talking about spirituality as fun and joyful, the magical serendipities and gifts from the universe that show up in our lives, and choosing our joy. Plus, we talk about Nicola’s role in my healing and spiritual journey, my experience with her in Ojai, The Celestial Journey, what’s next for Nicola, and so much more!

I’m so excited about this one and can’t wait to hear what you think! Make sure to join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

To really be an alchemist of your life is to listen to your heart so deeply and truly and authentically, that it guides you through every chapter.
— Nicola Behrman

Nicola is an energy alchemist and spiritual sage, and she holds space for people in a myriad of different ways with one foundational intention - that we should all reconnect to the light that lives within our own souls. As an Oracle and See-er, Nicola is able to connect with your soul essence, share about your energetic heritage and soul purpose, and detects root causes of issues to assist them in healing. As a gentle and powerful healer, she awakens others to their cosmic and celestial selves, to remember their connections to the universe, and open the portals to remember the magic that’s available to us. There is a tangible alchemic light force that lives within each of us and when we choose to re-ignite it, it starts to shine out of every cell of our being.

Nicola’s alchemic journey began in 2013, through a series of seven Ceremonies and personal energy transmissions with the beloved Peruvian Q’ero Elder and Shaman, Don Mariano Quispe Flores. Nicola was passed the rites to transmit the energies and the teachings of the Pleiades Constellation, also known as the Seven Sisters, with the specific intent of sharing these beautiful and divinely feminine energies in the West for healing and upliftment. These celestial energies open up portals of remembrance in our souls as to who we are, and help us connect to the magic and beauty that is available to all of us.

It’s been Nicola’s work to share the connections and the magic of the stars so that you too can open the doorway to more beauty and deliciousness in your life than ever before - and that’s exactly what she’s done.


In 2018 I embarked on The Celestial Journey with Nicola, and it was a 7-week journey that completely changed my life. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that every experience is here to trigger our awakening and simultaneously allow us to step forward in our own empowerment.. Everything is an exploration of energy, and the more we attune to this, the more we wake up to who we really are.

When you’ve done it enough and you trust the signs, there is a joy in the adventure because you know that your higher self, your truest self, doesn’t let you down. It only goes from good adventure, to better adventure, to better adventure!
— Nicola Behrman

The Celestial Journey is a journey that helps you remember your personal powers, the magic in your bones, and connects you to the authentic life of your choosing, one filled with magic, joy, and serendipities. Throughout the 7 weeks you work with one of the 7 stars to receive the gifts of the Seven Sister Stars of the Pleiades through daily meditation and writing prompts, weekly rituals, audio guided meditation journeys, and weekly live virtual teachings to anchor in the frequencies of each star, to connect to your own cosmic team (!!!), and watch as the magic and the serendipities roll in.

Nicola truly guides you on a journey that energetically awakens you to become a conduit of the light and magic of the stars, and I can’t wait to share more about what this journey has meant for me in a future episode (it’s coming, I promise!!)

The true freedom comes when we remind ourselves, in any given moment, but particularly when we have a big decision at play, that our heart already knows the answer to this.
— Nicola Behrman

Here’s the thing - we’re all star stuff! We all have the energy of the stars, the universe, flowing through us. We’re multi-dimensional beings, and different aspects of our soul, of who we are, live in different dimensional realities. Some of us are more connected to Egypt and the pyramids, Atlantis, or star constellations - and we carry that frequency with us. Nicola can see our soul’s heritage, and the vibration that we carry - and if you’ve ever seen her do a soul frequency reading, you know just how powerful this is!

We came here to know joy, to trust it in our heart, and to connect with what lights us up. We came here to remember our deeper connections to each other and to live fully as we are. I mean, is it really any surprise that Joy is the world of the Pleiades?!

Nicola is also the Chief Energy Officer at 7OM, a published author, and a produced playwright. She travels the world sharing Sacred Sounds, Blessing Spaces, Officiating Weddings, leading Guided Meditation Journeys to the Stars, and spreading the Teachings and the Magic of 7OM.

I’ve said this before (and I will keep saying it!) there is so much power in energy work, looking deep inside to uncover who we are, and what our soul is longing for. We’re here to remember our own inner magic, to trust the path we are walking down, and I’m so grateful for everything that Nicola shared in this week’s new episode. It all comes back to attuning to our magic, trusting new beginnings, and embarking on our own journey of remembrance and exploration.

To learn more about Nicola and all things 7OM visit 7-om.com and on Instagram @nicola.behrman ✨✨✨

To learn more about The Celestial Journey - her beautiful journey with the 7 sisters of the Pleiades taking flight this summer, click here ✨✨✨

Nicola has been SO generous to gift Seek The Joy Podcast listeners a 7% discount code on their 7 for 7 Mini Celestial Journey course in the 7OM Academy! Just enter the code seekthejoy777 in the coupon section on the purchase page - I can’t wait for you all to experience this magic!! ✨


A pre-recorded video + journaling prompts will be dropped in the 7 for 7 portal everyday for one week.

Each day will be infused with the gifts from one of the stars and will leave you feeling refreshed, connected, and ready to take on the day.

The goal of this course is to provide you with the tools to start a practice for grounding and meditation. It can happen at anytime in the day, but I enjoy doing this in the morning to start the day.

Very peaceful and grounded magic awaits.



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