Ep. 66 Transforming Our Subconscious to Connect with Our True Essence through Psych-K with Jena Sophia


Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday!

On the podcast this week is Jena Sophia, an advanced Psych-k facilitator, Reiki Master and intuitive of flower essences.

Jena is incredible and the work that she’s doing is transformative, and I’m so excited to share this profound and beautiful conversation with you!

In this week’s new episode Jena shares with us the transformative power of Psych-K, what it is, how Psych-K found her, and Jena’s journey unraveling her conditioned beliefs to step into her true power. Connecting to the subconscious, deconditioning to realign back into our true essence, my experience with Psych-K, using discernment, and the fact that the potential of what we can transform is truly limitless. We also chat about spirituality and its connection to Psych-K, dropping the veils, and how this work has strengthened Jena’s relationship with the universe. Plus, why following our joy is no joke, how Psych-K has allowed Jena to live from a place of joy, caring for the greater good, and so much more!

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The premise of Psych-K is not to heal ourselves. We don’t call ourselves healers, we call ourselves facilitators because we’re facilitating and holding space for people to step into their own transformation, and their own power.
— Jena Sophia

Jena’s journey to Psych-K is both incredible and inspiring, and it was so interesting to hear just how Psych-K found her. Jena was born and raised a New Yorker, and she lived most of her childhood and teenage years with debilitating chronic pain and anxiety. She was told if she didn’t want to continue her medication, there was no hope. But she didn’t accept this diagnosis, deep down she knew there had to be another way for her to heal, and live the life she knew she deserved.

This sparked her interest in alternative modalities for stress management and optimizing her well-being. She knew she was in charge of her life - and from this understanding she embarked on her own wellness and healing journey which began with her mom taking her to a Psych-k workshop. As Jena shares in this week’s new episode, that experience was transformative, and it led her to studying Psych-K in the U.S., UK and Belgium. Today, she’s a Preferred Affiliate Psych-K Facilitator.

Through Psych-K, Jena has facilitated profound breakthroughs with people who desire to overcome traumas, stress or limiting beliefs, and all of this can be done in as little as one session. She’s worked with people who have childhood traumas as well as those who are experiencing changes in work, relationships, health, stress management and sleep, to name a few!

Jena created Beyond The Belief for all who are willing to take the first step in recognizing their inner divinity as a tool to empower and redefine your life-story. It’s for those who don’t want another 'crutch' with a person or modality, but those who are ready to rediscover their intrinsic genius and self-worth from within. The sign is here, you just have to ask yourself, are you willing to take the steps into a more powerful, grounded and balanced you?

As I was able to decondition those experiences, I was able to realign back into my truest and highest self - which is healthy, vibrant and free - mentally, physically, and spiritually.
— Jena Sophia

What is PSYCH-K?

Psych-k is a quick, effective, and powerful method that accesses your subconscious mind to transform past/present traumas, limiting beliefs, and physical conditions.

The science behind Psych-K has been pioneered for the last 30 years by a developmental biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton. His research, combined with those of other leading edge scientists, have led to extraordinary new discoveries in the mind-body connection. Dr. Lipton argues that we can control our gene expression by our belief.


Did you know that 95% of human behavior and personal belief is subconsciously driven? We’re constantly relying on our subconscious mind to get us through our day-to-day lives.

But here’s the thing . . . 97% of our subconscious programming is complete by the age of 7. The belief systems that we’ve adopted growing up are probably still with us today, and these belief systems create our subconscious blueprint, resulting in the reality we perceive.

In this week’s new episode Jena shares with us that we can use Psych-K processes to release trauma and program the belief systems that serve us best. When we do, this allows us to operate at our happiest and highest potentials. This process allows us to access the subconscious mind, in a conscious state, permitting you to connect the dots between the belief systems that are creating your present life. Using these processes, we can transform your perceptions and belief systems, creating a new channel of solutions from a whole brain state.

The beauty of Psych-K is that you don’t have to share your experience with me, and it still can transform. That’s how much power you have on your own while going through this experience.
— Jena Sophia

Jena is truly a beautiful soul and intuitive, which makes it no surprise that she’s also a Reiki master and intuitive of flower essences. Reiki means “Universal Life-Force Energy” is a profound hands-on healing modality that cleanses, releases and rebalances your energy system, positively impacting your overall well-being and peace of mind. When it comes to flower essences, every flower carries vibrational wisdom that safely connects with our inner energy systems to heal, release, and increase our well-being. Jena puts together an essence that you need, that works on an emotional level to harmonize negative feelings and belief patterns held in the subconscious mind.

It’s truly Jena’s belief that by implementing a different approach to the transformation of mind, body, and spirit, anyone can overcome limiting perceptions of physical or emotional conditions. If you are struggling with your mind, body or spirit, just know that there is always a solution to every problem. When there is an asking, the universe always responds. It is just up to you to look a little deeper, and a little more inward for the answers.



To learn more about Jena’s work and to connect with her - visit her site www.beyondthebelief.com and on Instagram @_jenasophia and you can visit the Psych-K website here to learn more!

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