The Power of Storytelling - Episode 16

Welcome back to The Power of Storytelling!

Dominique, Rachel and Kesha- thank you for sharing your stories, your words, and your journey with all of us. 

This month’s episode reminded me that every experience serves a purpose, and often that purpose is to serve as an example of what’s possible. Nurture and love yourself in those moments, choose to embrace yourself with your compassion, and trust that anything and everything is possible when you choose to believe it.

It’s truly my honor to share the stories and provide the space here to share a little bit more about the women and men behind these words. I encourage you to check out Dominique, Rachel and Kesha after you listen to this week’s new episode.

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this episode are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Seek The Joy Podcast. 


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Dominique Mas is a coach for high performers, working with a variety of people including leaders, entrepreneurs, and aspiring founders.Originally from France, Dominique has lived and worked in 7 countries across Europe, Asia and the U.S. After 15 years in Educational Leadership in international schools, she decided to jump in start a personal coaching practice for professionals as well as design and facilitate private and corporate workshops. When she is not working, Dominique can be found surfing with her boyfriend in the Rockaways or walking Professor, their wonderful dog.

In this week’s new episode, Dominique shares her story of realizing that something in her life was off. She no longer felt connected to herself, and she realized that she was no longer working towards something that was important to her. Her story of changing careers at 40 will remind you that it’s important to take time for introspection, to reconnect with yourself, your values, and your joy. Yes she was overwhelmed by the realization and knowing that it was time to make a shift - but she trusted her instincts to move on. She took time to explore and decide what her next steps would be. Her willingness to keep going and to go for it - will remind you that anything is possible when you allow yourself to dream and believe that there is more for you.

With anything new - there is always fear and hope, all mixed together. Dominique shares her struggles and difficulties in this week’s new episode, and why it was key for her to explore a new path. Her realization that the new path she chose wasn’t exactly right for her, will remind you that it’s okay to try something new and not love it the way that you expected. Her acceptance that it was okay to move on, and her decision to focus on the things that made her happy, will remind you that our passions are hidden in our joys.

I started to open myself up to all of the opportunities that came my way, and it gave me wings! I was suddenly exploring, learning, and educating myself, and this is where the magic happens. This is really when everything fell into place, and I felt truly free and authentic to myself.
— Dominique Mas


Rachel Rose is the writer and content creator behind Rachel v Rose - a self-development and lifestyle blog with a mission to motivate, inspire, and encourage others to live a more positive and fulfilled life. Inspired by Rachel’s journey to her highest self, she draws on her personal experiences to share advice and tips and tricks to infuse more self-love, positivity, joy and inspiration into our lives.

In this week’s new episode Rachel shares her journey becoming a mother at a young age, and how she struggled against fear, anxiety, and shame. “How did my plans for my future fail? Why did I get myself into this?” - these are two questions that Rachel asks herself at the beginning of her story, and they’re both profound and incredibly introspective. Her honest and vulnerable reflections on these two questions, along with what it meant for her to become a mother, will remind you that you have the power to shift and shape your perspective. Her words on the difficulties she faced, her battle with depression and emotional setbacks, and how she shifted her mindset to one of joy and love despite what she was experiencing, will remind you that the light in our lives arrives when we least expect it, and it’s up to us to embrace that light when we find it.

Her strong, beautiful, and powerful words for teenage mothers and women will stop you in your tracks. Rachel is a voice and a soul to remember, and I’m so grateful for her courage this week. Today, Rachel has created a beautiful, safe and insightful space for all of us to continue to learn and grow. Through her blog and YouTube channel she provides support and ideas to help others become their truest, best selves. She candidly shares her experiences with others, and she truly knows who she is and her purpose in helping, encouraging, and motivating others who have been through similar experiences. Her strong sense of gratitude will remind you that every experience serves a purpose, and often that purpose is to serve as an example of what’s possible.

I feel like I have such a huge purpose now in my life, and it’s not just to be the best mother and provide the best life and example to my daughter. But to support, encourage, and motivate others who go through situations like I did.
— Rachel Rose

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Kesha Austin is an empowerment coach for millennial women, and she specializes in individual, family and group coaching. She has a unique, engaging & highly effective approach to help people dig deep to discover their true potential. She’s dedicated to helping women discover their true purpose & learn to overcome adversity in the process.

In this week’s new episode Kesha profoundly and vulnerably shares her story of overcoming adversity to find joy, peace and fulfillment. We’re all meant to learn from our experiences, and Kesha’s reflections on her decisions and the impact they’ve had on her life will remind you that each stage in our journey is there for a process. Kesha’s refections surrounding overcoming abuse and trauma, eviction and losing her car, will remind you of the power in surrender. Over time she moved from being a homeless mother of two children to becoming an assistant VP at one of the nation’s leading financial institutions. Her decision to open herself up to new opportunities, to trust in the path that is here for her to follow, and what she’s built and created for herself and her family along the way, will remind you of the power of allowing yourself to fly.

Today, Kesha delivers dynamic keynote presentations and interactive workshop programs to private organizations, non-profits and government clients. Kesha's keynote programs can be delivered in as short as 15 minutes or as long as 90 minutes. Kesha will develop and deliver a keynote or seminar session customized to meet your needs. She’s also the host of Sweet Tea with Coach Kee, with new episodes every Wednesday on every major podcast platform.

We all have a story, and you may be on a page today with a problem but the next chapter could possibly hold your solution. My situation may be different from yours, there might be different lessons, experiences, and characters, but we all have a story we can learn from.
— Kesha Austin


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