The Power of Storytelling - Episode 8

Welcome back to The Power of Storytelling. 

Anza and Carly - thank you for your bravery and courage, thank you for sharing your stories, thank you for sharing your powerful words. 

Where do I even begin?

This month's episode reminded me that while our stories are different - every single person that is walking this planet has something very special in common. A desire to connect, to heal, and to live their life to the fullest. 

So, I want to share a little bit about the stories that are featured in this month's episode, and I encourage you to check out Anza and Carly after you take a listen.


Anza Goodbar is an empowerment coach, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She uses her coaching, speaking, and writing to inspire, empower, and challenge women to elevate their lives - and that's exactly what she does in this month's episode.

Anza shares her story of self-acceptance through overcoming negative body image and difficulty with her weight, combined with wanting to be invisible in order to ensure that she'd be safe after experiencing sexual abuse as a child. Through her own journey, Anza has developed a passion and a love for working with women who are committed to living out their dreams, but may lack the confidence to ask for what they want. She helps them really go for it - the same way she has in her own life. 

Her reflections on body image, using weight as a coping mechanism, sexual abuse, shame, forgiveness, and self-love are relatable, inspiring, courageous and empowering.

Telling our truth is how we get our power back. Shouting from the rooftops until someone hears us and believes our story is how we get our power back. Standing before our mirrors naked and not ashamed of our bodies is how we get our power back. Acknowledging that abuse is never our fault, acknowledging that it was someone else’s job to protect us and that they let us down, that’s how we get our power back.
— Anza Goodbar

Carly Mahon is a Reiki Master and YTT 200 who helps women reclaim their power over chronic anxiety with reiki healing.

In this month's episode Carly shares her story of suffering from anxiety and depression from a really young age, and feeling misunderstood and unworthy for most of her life. After entering a safe and expected career, her life felt more out of alignment than ever. Lost, hopeless and at rock bottom, she decided to heal her energy and get out of the cycle of anxiety and depression once and for all. Through her journey she's released shame, healed childhood wounds, and blossomed. Now, she uses her journey to help women feel free from the shame and shackles of mental health challenges. 

Carly's story and journey of finding her inner strength, sharing her voice, and healing from the inside is relatable, inspiring, and full of so much courage.


I’ve learned that you can’t heal what you’re unwilling to feel. It’s okay to feel these feelings - feel sad, angry, anxious - just as long as you don’t change your zip code to that place.
— Carly Mahon

Never forget that your story is important. Never forget that your words, your reflections, and your voice is meant to be shared. 

Your honesty, vulnerability, bravery, and courage just might encourage someone else to do the same. 

I know I say this every single month - but I am truly honored to share these stories. So, give today's episode a listen, share it with a friend (or two! or three!) and then head over to our Instagram page to join the conversation. 

To connect with the incredible people behind the stories you heard on today's episode . . . 

Anza Goodbar - to learn more about Anza, her story, and her work as a coach, trainer, and speaker, visit her website and you can connect with her on Instagram @anzagoodbar and on Twitter @anza_goodbar and on Facebook @coachanzagoodbar and you can join her Facebook group here 

Carly Mahon - to learn more about Carly, her story, and her work visit her website and you can connect with her on Instagram @theelectricwarrior and on Facebook @electricwarriorhealing and you can join her Facebook group here 

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