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SURPRISE! We've got a bonus episode this week (super spontaneous by the way). I share a story about this really powerful conversation and encounter that I had Thursday night at yoga, and it's all about standing in your truth, why we need to stop qualifying our truth, and how teachers in our lives show up when we least expect them to. 

Image found on Pinterest - please tag original image creator

Image found on Pinterest - please tag original image creator

On Thursday night I went to yoga with my dad, and it was a sort of last minute decision because I don't normally go to this class, but for some reason I felt compelled to - and so I went. While waiting for class to start I met this woman who touched me and reminded me of the importance of standing in our truth. 

To hear the full story you'll have to listen to this week's new episode but guys . . . there were tears, in the middle of the waiting area at yoga, with 25 people staring . . . and you know what? It's okay, and it was all meant to be, and I'm super grateful for what she said. 

There's a huge difference between "this is what I'm doing while I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing" vs. "this is what I'm doing."

There is a different sense of power and self-worth.

Can you feel it?

I talk about standing in our power, authenticity, and truth all the time on this podcast - but I've come to realize that we often qualify that truth. 

We often qualify what it means to stand in our truth. 

Tonight was a huge lesson for me about standing in my truth, owning it, and not qualifying it to soften the anticipated blow of someone else's judgment. 

Mic. Drop. 

I need to stop qualifying my truth because I'm anticipating somebody else's judgment. While recording this episode I realized that's what I've been doing - and it needs to change.

So you know I have to ask . . . 

What areas in your life are you qualifying your truth?

Qualifying your authentic voice?

Image found on Pinterest - please tag original image creator

Image found on Pinterest - please tag original image creator

Qualifying what feels good to you?

Qualifying what makes you happy?

So that it will soften the blow of the impact of someone else's criticism or judgment? 

It's really fascinating to think about - and I don't think I've totally uncovered the answer - but I think it goes back to wanting to protect ourselves from judgment, criticism, and rejection. 

I challenge you to think about it. And if you do, and you want to share, I'm all ears - comment on this post, on Instagram or Facebook or reach out via email. 

Never underestimate the power of knowing your truth, standing in your truth, and receiving your truth. 

This conversation also reminded me that teachers in our lives show up when we least expect them to and when we really need them the most. 

Be open to the teachers in your life - you never know the impact that they might have. 



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